Today being a college student is getting harder and harder with every day. The system of education and methods of teaching have changed a lot over the past decade. Besides, although the 21st century has given us whole lots of new opportunities, it had made our lives much more intensive, and thus, it requires you to keep up with this progress constantly.


From one hand, you can say that learning today is easier because each person has access to a wider number of sources and thus, there is no lack of information anymore. But it also means that students have to study harder. You have to memorize more information and, apart from this, learn to identify the validity of the collected data, which requires strong analytical skills. How to keep up with the progress and succeed? Luckily, we were given many useful tools for this! In this post, we will tell you about some of the best student apps for your mobile devices that will make your life much easier!

What Are The Top 7 Learning Apps?

Today, mobile learning is no longer a rarity. Not only every pupil has a mobile device that can become a great learning tool if used right, but it also should be noted that almost every teacher now strives to implement technologies in the learning process. Thus, the technology has soon become a valuable thing in the course of gaining new knowledge, and that is why downloading a few good education apps is a must for every modern scholar! What are the must-have apps? Read further to find this out!

Brighterly -embark on a mathematical odyssey with  – an online math platform revolutionizing the way students engage with the intricacies of mathematics. Tailored for learners of all ages, Brighterly offers a seamless experience in conquering mathematical challenges. Capture the essence of mathematical concepts effortlessly by exploring this dynamic platform. Whether you’re seeking comprehensive solutions or a detailed breakdown of mathematical problems, serves as your dedicated companion on the journey to mathematical mastery. Illuminate your learning path with – where math becomes an adventure!

  • Photomath – Math is a challenging subject for many people and many of us sometimes just need some assistance with our algebra classes. This app was created specifically for such needs! Photomath is your best helper when it comes to solving different mathematical problems – just take a picture of the question (or type it), and it will provide you with the correct solution and detailed explanation to each answer.
  • EdX – obtaining a higher education has always been difficult and expensive. That is why college and university education was not affordable for everyone in the past, but today the situation is different! EdX is a great tool that makes education available to It gives you a wide range of various courses and lectures, and even gives an opportunity to obtain a certificate if you finish the course successfully! And note that all of this is almost for free, some classes will cost you some money, but their price will definitely be much more affordable than studying at the University!
  • WolframAlpha – this app is a must-have for each of you! It contains lots of information and algorithms to give you exact answers to almost any question about any subject! The system is quite useful because it searches for the answers to the vast variety of sources and also provides you with an explanation.
  • My Study Life – studying is difficult. Thus, you will need some effective planning to keep up with all the classes, deadlines, homework and other chores. My study Life is one of the most efficient life and classroom management apps that will help you to keep all your duties organized, and it will also send you reminders to ensure that you will not miss something important!
  • Evernote – this is another great app you can get for free! It is designed to increase your productivity on all levels. Evernote allows you to create and store all of your notes in one place, take photos, make voice reminders, creating some to-do lists, and make relevant tags to organize all of this data easier and more effectively. And another thing that makes this app so good is the fact that you can use it on multiple devices and access all of your notes from wherever!
  • Khan Academy – this app is similar to EdX. It gives you an opportunity to learn new things from any place and at any time, and gives you a possibility to choose any from 4000 free courses on any subject!
  • Duolingo – knowing more than one language is important in the modern world, but learning a new language is always a challenge for the majority of people. In such situation, Duolingo is your reliable assistant! It will help you to learn new words in the language of your choice, translate different texts, and take a course to learn the desired language faster and easier!


These are only a few good apps. In fact, modern technologies give you almost unlimited opportunities that you can discover for yourself through some other latest Android apps that can make your studies more effective.

Where To Get More Academic Help?

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