Among the most beautiful countries in the Earth, Scotland is one of them. It houses a few of the best places on the planet. If you are fond of going out on holidays, and want to find out new places, Scotland is the best country to explore especially EU citizens while the UK is still in the EU as you qualify for the EHIC, you can click here to check your eligibility.

Scotland has a number of beautiful places. You can find a perfect blend of natural beauty, and man-made beauty only at Scotland. Here are the top 5 places, which you should surely visit in Scotland during the holidays. But that doesn’t mean, you should ignore the others, not in the list.

Rosslyn Chapel

If you are fond of visiting places, filled with man-made beauty and heritage, the Rosslyn Chapel is one of the best places, which you should visit. It is located quite close to Edinburgh and you can get s number of transports to reach the destination, from Edinburgh. Apart from having a look at the heritage site, you can also enjoy coffee at the café, which is attached to it. A lot of movies had also been shot at the location, for its heritage beauty.

Museum of Scottish Lighthouses

If you are fond of natural beauty and is interested in lighthouses, Museum of Scottish Lighthouses is a destination, which you should definitely visit. The museum is located at Fraser burgh, and it houses a number of beautiful lighthouses, which were present on the old times, maybe a century or a few decades ago. The connectivity to the museum is quite easy, and it is one of the worth visiting destinations in Scotland, if you are going for a small time visit.

Isle of Arran

If you are fond of visiting places, which has wonderful scenery, and beautiful photos of that place can be taken, there isn’t any place is Scotland, which is better than Isle of Arran. It is a beautiful lake, which has highlands on all its sides and open space, as well. The scenic beauty of the place is just a treat to the eyes. The place is easily reachable, and it is a space, which comprises 166 square miles.

Stirling and Scotland Wallace monument

If you are fond of visiting mountains, Stirling in Scotland is one of the best places, where you can visit. It also has a moment of the top of the mountain, which is another great attraction of the mountain range. Visiting the Scotland Wallace monument on the Strirling Mountain can give you a wonderful review of the scenery, which is surrounded by. It is also a beautiful place to visit. The Stirling mountain range is located between Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Isle of Skye

If you are fond of visiting places, which have both natural and man-made beauty, the Isle of Skye is one of the best places, where you can visit in Scotland. It is a residential area, which has a beautiful Lake surrounding it, and a number of Highlands close to it. If you look at the place from a distance, it will look like the heaven on earth. Thus you should definitely visit the place.