If you are planning to purchase a house in Scotland, there are a number of places, where you can purchase your dream home. But you should look at the good sides of each and every place, before you purchase a house. You accessibility to desired places also play an important role, though.

Scotland is one of the most beautiful countries on the earth, and if you have decided to purchase a house in Scotland, you have taken a great decision, no doubt. A lot of people come to live in Scotland due to his natural beauty, while others come for the job or business. If it is for your job or business, you should purchase a house, which is located closely to your workplace, but if you are looking for a house, where you can enjoy the natural beauty, here are the best places to live in Scotland, and the places are collected from the East london estate agents. They have collected reviews from a number of residents, and thus, you are getting first-hand information.

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Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland, and it is also located at a wonderful place, being the second largest city of Scotland. It is also the second-largest business center after London in UK. If you live in Edinburg, you can get all kind of resources for your life, and you can spend a wonderful leisure time in the Edinburgh Castle, which is quite popular. It also has numerous universities and schools, ensuring quality education, and the employment opportunities are also quite high.


Perth is also a beautiful city, which is located on the banks of the river Tay. It has a population of almost 50,000, and if you live in Perth, you can enjoy the beauty of nature in the best possible way. Perth is considered to be the Gateway to the Highlands in Scotland, because it is located at a place, which provides the entrance to the complete height and country of Scotland. Apart from the natural beauty in Perth, there are opportunities for quality education and employment, which makes it one of the best places to live in Scotland.


Dundee is one of the best and happiest place on earth, and that is located in Scotland. The city has contributed a lot to medical research, the video games that you play on a regular basis, and also comics. As a result of it, UNESCO considered Dundee to be the City of Design. Apart from engine the beauty of nature, you can also have a wonderful interior of your home, as most of the houses in Dundee are decorated in a wonderful way, which is motivated by the art and culture of the place.


If you just want to live in a place, which is beautiful enough, Falkirk is the only place, where you can live in Scotland. Is actually a low land, the population is very low, which is almost close to 30,000. Apart from it, if you’re looking for education, the universities are quite close to it, and it can be reached through train or bus. Apart from it, the employment opportunities in the place is quite huge, as there are scopes for industries related to retail and service.


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