Planning a wedding is hard work and often it seems that you’re so bogged down by the big things that you forget about the small details that matter. Sometimes it’s the little extra that can make a celebration memorable, and when it comes to your wedding you deserve nothing but the best. If your wedding is looking a bit bare and you’re looking for a few ways to liven it up, here are a few special features you can add to make your wedding memorable:

Personalising places

Rather than just leaving printed place names on tables, why not do something a little bit extra to welcome your guests? One sweet suggestion that isn’t too expensive is leaving small flags in the place of place names, with one side saying the name of the guest and the other side saying the names of the married couple. A small gesture like this can be sweet to take home and keep as a memory. Otherwise, a handwritten note is cost effective and usually highly appreciated. Use a bit of folded card to write the place names and inside each card write a sentence or two, personally thanking them for coming. You’ll see smiles all round when people open up their cards and read their personalised notes.


How will you be directing your guests to your wedding? Will you be drawing arrows in sharpie on the back of an old takeaway menu, or will you be adding a personal touch? Putting signs around your venue is a great way to direct your guests and give your venue a bit of a personal touch. If you decide to put your name on the signs, they can also make for a great photo opportunity. So consider getting a few professionally made, or take the time to draw some up if you want to add your own personal touch. You can also decorate your signs with props, like flowers and bottles, to make sure they’re seen.


Even if it’s something small and inexpensive, a favour for your guests is something you shouldn’t go without. After they took the time to attend your wedding it seems only fair that you give something back. If you want to mix your favours in with your entertainment you could consider hiring a photo booth. Guests can take goofy photographs of each other and get multiple copies. One copy can be glued into the guest book next to their not to the bride and groom while the other photo can be taken phone. These booths can be great fun and they can be customised to match your theme and decorations, or even personalised with your names. So, you can find photo booth hire in London and across the UK for all kinds of weddings.

Hidden gems

When decorating a venue, people often tend to focus on the main elements of the room: the tables, the chairs, the dancefloor and the lights. Consider how you might decorate places where people wouldn’t normally expect to find decoration. For example, rather than leaving the entryway bare, consider livening it up with props, flowers and ribbons so that people can get involved with the atmosphere immediately.