The Grand National is slowly drawing closer. It’s a good time to consider the wardrobe if you’re planning to go there. The Grand National is the world biggest horse racing event, generating global audience counting in hundreds of millions from across over 140 countries in the world. It has never been known as the most stylish of occasions but if you haven’t been to it before you might be curious about what to wear. Check here to know more about Grand National 2017.

Aintree is known for its glamorous and sophisticated attires. The official site says, however: “there is no official dress code, smart is preferable and is often adopted”. From the complete freestyle that has been the norm in the last few years, the Jockey Club, owners of Aintree course, tried to turn it into a more formal direction not so long ago.

Inspired by the Coco Channel quote, Aintree launched “dress style code” instead of a dress code, in hope to inspire ladies to dress and show off personality through style.

“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; impeccably and they remember the woman”.

Dressing up: stylish and practical

Although it might be tempting to go all out, the thing to remember is – less is more. You may show some skin, but better stick to a faithful rule: if you’re boasting with your figure just don’t show too much.

Colours are another thing to consider seriously: pick something eye-catching to brighten things up, bold colour is a good way to add interest to an outfit!

Think twice about sky high heels, it might be not a good choice for the occasion unless you can walk in them all day. Something practical and easy to wear would be a safe pick. It might be a good midi heel, or you might want to try a low heel if you are not used to wearing them.

Things to note for men

As for men, outfit choice is as much important if they’re going to look great at the races. Although seasonal trends do not vary as much as for ladies, men have to stick with some sartorial rules they change each year. Single-breasted two-button suit with 2nd button always undone remains a classically elegant choice. Tie, bow tie, pocket squares – is a matter of personal preference. If you want to accessorise, you had better not match the fabrics precisely, but pick out an accent colour instead. The classic English dark navy suit is the most versatile and can be dressed up for almost every occasion, let it be a wedding reception or the races in style.

Some things are not allowed, of course, sport and fancy clothes are strictly not permitted. Think smart, stylish and pick something that makes you feel fantastic – and you will have a great day.