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Top Hotels in Scotland

Are you planning on visiting Scotland this summer? Well, if you may be wondering which is the best hotel that you can reside in a while on your stay in Scotland. Let us view three of the top hotels that are found in Scotland, and from there you can choose the one suitable for you. The hotels include boutique hotels, the budget hotels, and hotel deals as well.

photo taken by Donald Tong
  • The Gleneagles hotel

This is one a great hotel that you should try out. The hotel is equipped with the best spa, and the food is to die for as it has great cuisines. The hotel is located in the Perth shire countryside from where the Scotland Highland begins. The unique thing about this hotel is the fact that it has its train station, and within five hours you can reach the hotel if you are coming from London. The hotel was built in the year 1920 as a railway resort and incorporates both the French chateau and Scottish Baronial designs making it stand out. You can never get bored while in Gleneagles hotel as there are so many activities you can engage in, such as golfing, there is a tennis court and swimming pool. Some sites like Thomson Holidays and Expedia offer significant discounts when choosing hotel accommodations. There is a total of 232 rooms with 26 suites, so you get so many choices to choose from. Also, you get a beautiful view of the countryside from the balcony of the hotel. The hotel also is family oriented as it has special services for people with disability and they also ensure that the children are well catered for regarding food and playgrounds.


  • Rock House

The hotel is found at the end of Georgian terrace and near the slopes of Calton Hill. The unique thing about this hotel is the fact that you can access it by foot and offers a lot of privacy. From the hotel, you get the best view of the city. The hotel has three different sleeping arrangements whereby the rock house accommodates around eight people the terrace apartment accommodates four people and the photographer studio two people. The rooms offer great privacy as they are self-contained and one can easily access to the garden or the terrace areas from the rooms. The hotel has the best services, and in case you need a delivery you will get the service from the hotel. The rooms are beautiful with all sorts of decor such as the William Morris wallpapers. There is a fireplace, and the kitchen is also quite stunning due to its traditional range cooker that you will not find anywhere else. When it comes to food, it is self-catering as you the rooms are self-contained you get to cook your food.


  • The pavilion at Lamb’s House

The hotel is found within the walls of lamb house on the Leith waterfront. The hotel offers privacy to its guests from the outside. This hotel is not far from the Michelin-starred restaurant and Martin Wishart which are known to have great cuisines. There is enough transportation as there are buses that frequently pass through the hotel as they head to the city center which is only 15 minutes drive away. The hotel rooms have warm colored decorations, and the furniture is well chosen and arranged. Both the modern and traditional devices are provided in the room such as smart TV which is placed in a beautiful traditional Chinese cabinet. The house also has a dishwasher machine, under floor heater and the blue tooth sound system. Wondering how to get to the Pavilion? Well, you can take advantage of voucher codes offered by some sites such as the Jet2holidays and get a discount on the flight charges or even accommodations. You can visit this website for a complete list of discounts.

If you are wondering about where to visit next summer, do not worry as Scotland is a great place that you can visit with your family. There are great hotels that offer excellent stay experience and are also equipped with great activities that you can engage with your family members.