We’ve all been invited to a house party at one point or another and while some of the nights out sounded promising, many tend to inevitably descent into either boredom or chaos, filled with engaging with people you don’t know or going home after an hour by sneaking out of the back door. A party should be the ultimate social gathering experience, where unlike with a club or venue, the host is in control. The music, guest list and other elements of planning should offer you hours of fun as the details are all in your hands. If you are looking to throw the best birthday bash of the century or simply want to do something new and exciting to look forward to at the weekend, then it may be time to read our tips of becoming the ultimate host for the party of the year! Bring your favourite friends together and have a blast by following our guide to throwing a party that even your neighbours will want to attend!

Be Selective With Your Guest List

A major contributing factor to the success or failure of many parties is who the host chooses to invite. While inviting people who you know like to have a good time is great, your guest list will also need to include those that will make the event run smoothly. Balancing out the group of people you invite and playing off of their best attributes (a friend who doesn’t drink to help look after others and a friend who is super neat to tidy up) will mean that you can be rest assured that your night will flow as perfectly as possible.

Do Something Different/ Memorable

The thing that a lot of party hosts get wrong is the fact that they don’t have a memorable feature or idea that makes their event stand out from all the others during the year. If you want to keep things exciting, spontaneous and memorable then why not consider something like rodeo bull hire or booking out a photo booth? This will get your mates excited and will give them something to talk about long after everyone has gone home for the night.

Lie About The Time

While some people are punctual and can be relied on to get to a location on time, it is important to note that many will inevitably be late upon arrival to your do! To keep a steady flow of people coming to your party, give different people different start and end times. Tell your time conscious friends to arrive at 10pm if that is the time you know you will be ready. Tell those who are usually late comers to show up at 8pm if you want the party to start at 10pm.

Make Sure Your Food Is On Point

People go to parties expecting to be fed, even if just on a few snacks. Remain mindful of the people who you’ve invited and the guests they may bring with them – try to have a food that is both ideal for vegetarians and meat eaters as you don’t want to alienate people. When it comes to alcohol, the ‘bring your own booze’ is always the best way to go.