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Where to have the best corporate events

Paisley food Festival

Corporate events don’t have to be limited to a drink at the pub or an evening dinner. If you and your fellow employees have been working hard it’s only fair that you’re rewarded with a decent day of fun. So, if you’re stuck for creative corporate event ideas, here are a few ideas to get your gears turning:

Do something educational

Taking a class with people in your company can help you see people in a completely different light, and can be incredibly funny. Cooking, cocktail making and pottery classes can all lead to some pretty hilarious scenarios and some pretty big messes, but it’s all great fun in the end. You might even find some hidden talents within the company. So, why not give it a go and make your corporate event something educational?

Do something physical

If your team is reasonably young and healthy there are some incredible and creative options to choose from (especially if you have a competitive nature). Some tried and tested options that always seem to be a success are laser tag, paintball, zombie survival training, a Ninja Warrior course, and stuntman training. At these sort of events your co-workers will all learn and practice valuable skills, such as how to sneak up on people and shoot them with paintballs, or how to outrun a hoard of zombies, or how to backflip onto a beanbag. While we have yet to find a real life application for these skills, there is surely some value in having them in the workplace.

Do something sporty

Most people love sports, one way or another – either watching or taking part – so a sporty corporate event will be sure to lighten the spirits of your co-workers. When it comes to watching the games, corporate hospitality is the way to go. With packages like centre court Wimbledon hospitality you and your colleagues will get champagne, snacks, a private booth and a 5* dinner after the match. Whether or not everyone on your team is a tennis fan, you would be hard pressed to find someone that doesn’t enjoy a little bit of pampering and good food. Or, if you want to get really stuck in, you could do something like kayaking, rock climbing or just rent a pitch and play a really great game of football.

Do something delicious

While it’s nice to take your team out to dinner every now and then there are some great ways to turn a meal into an event. One excellent way to do this is to turn a dinner or drink into a tasting night. The world of tasting has come a long way since simple wine tasting. There’s chocolate tasting, whisky tasting, tea tasting, hors d’oeuvre tasting, cheese tasting and there was even a known cereal tasting event at one point. Or, if you’re not adventurous enough to try a tasting night, why not organise a cooking event? Many restaurants across Scotland and the UK will rent out their kitchen and a chef for an event and teach you how to make one of the restaurant’s dishes. The typical favourites for these types of parties are usually pizza, sushi or dessert, but with a little bit of research you might find something especially special just for your corporate event.