A jaw crusher is one of the primary crushing devices used in mine and ore processing plants. This specialist equipment is designed to feature either a square or rectangle opening at the top of the machine where the jaws ae placed (the jaws can also be called the feed opening). A jaw crusher essentially reduces the size of a large rock or ore by placing it into the compression chamber of a jaw crusher. Throughout history the greater part of the mining and crushing process was carried out by man power, until explosives were discovered. The industrial revolution began to see the making of crushing processes and machines which have resulted in the jaw crusher being born.

How Does A Jaw Crusher Work?

A fixed jaw of a jaw crusher acts as the initial breaking surface, while a movable jaw exerts force on the rock by forcing it against another plate. The space found at the bottom of the jaw plates is the size of the crushed product from the jaw crusher and the rocks placed into the jaw crusher stay in the jaws until they are made small enough to pass through the bottom of the jaws.

Do You Need A Jaw Crusher?

A jaw crusher is used extensively in the aggregate and mineral processing industry. Companies such as Sandvik are well known for producing high quality mobile jaw crushers as well as other specialist mining equipment. If you’re looking to hire jaw crushers for any reason, be sure to find a trusted company for optimum construction solutions.

Types Of Jaw Crushers

Jaw crushers vary and can come in the form of bare jar crushers units, modular and portable (mobile) jaw crushers.

What Are The Advantages Of A Jaw Crusher?

Jaw crushers are useful tools and are designed for heavy duty work performance. Their design and the materials they are made from mean they have a long life span, making them a cost effective tool to use. They also have standard replacement parts and so are easy to fix or refresh. Alongside this, jaw crushers offer high productivity, making light work of breaking down the material that is placed into them. Jaw crushers enable productivity to remain high as they take away the need for manual labour to break down rock and other hard materials. Jaw crushers have a high crushing ration and produce a uniform final product size which is ideal for generating a fixed size output of material.

Primary And Secondary Jaw Crushers

Primary jaw crushers are typically square in shape at the opening whereas secondary jaw crushers feature a rectangular opening design. Primary jaw crushers are heavy duty machines used to reduce the size of ore to a manageable size by secondary crushers and operate in a circuit.

What Happens With The Material Processed By A Jaw Crusher?

The waste material produced by a jaw crusher after it has been processed can be either disposed of or recycled. Jaw crushers are great as they make the materials easier to deal with. They also enable the reduction of size of a solid mass of raw material such as rock ore and enables us to differentiate between materials.