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The latest hair trends for this summer


Any woman with style in mind wants to be sporting the latest look in fashion when stepping out in Paisley, whether that means copying the catwalks and repurposing pyjamas as daywear, or showing off your locks in the latest hairstyle.

Get ready for summer

Summer is a great time for adopting a new look. Out are all the dark, heavy clothes and unfussy hairstyles and in are the light, bright colours and hairdos that get you noticed. Sporting a new hairstyle can be a great mood-lifter for women who have grown bored with their look or simply feel that the way their hair is styled no longer reflects who they are as a person. Women should also not be put off the latest hair trends because they feel their hair lacks the correct texture needed for a particular style. A good hairdresser should be able to give you the hairstyle you desire.

Some hairstyles never seem to go out of fashion and this is particularly true of the bob. An extremely versatile cut, you do not need to have it cut the way it was when it first came out back in the twenties. These days, a bob can be short, cut to the bottom of the ear, or it can be slightly longer and cut to around chin-length. The latest bob trend is to wear it with a tousled look. Ironically, a bob that looks like nothing has been done to it requires quite a bit of styling, so be sure you are willing to put in the extra effort for this on-trend style.

If a classic bob is too short for your taste, then you could go for the lob, or long bob. Lobs are usually cut to shoulder-length and because of this extra length, have the ability to display gentle waves. They are also good for showing off the great condition of your hair. Give a lob a shine mist and your hairstyle will look super-elegant.

If you are keen on the long-haired look, then this season’s trends favour textured layers. The best thing about long layers in this style means they can be easily adapted. Long layered tresses can be left loose or they can be quickly pulled back and shaped into a bun or loose ponytail, all the while maintaining that slept-in look. If your hair is not long enough for these kinds of layers, consider enhancing your own hair with hair extensions, such as those found at Hair Planet. Here you can buy clip-ons, weaves, stick tip and U-tips, as well as the tools needed to fix the extensions in place.

If you have naturally curly hair or are blessed with an abundance, then a geometric cut might be just your thing. A little bit of a brave step, a cut that basically delivers a triangular shape to your hair may not be for everyone, but such a cut can make you look super-stylish and always well-groomed, without a great deal of effort.

Make a splash in Paisley this summer with one of the latest hair trends, whether by using your own natural locks or accessorising your own hair with clever hair extensions.