There is just a few hours left before the countdown clock on the website runs down but there is is still plenty of time for you to pledge your support and ensure we are able to complete the deal and put St Mirren football club in the hands of it supporters.

The response so far has been absolutely fantastic, thank you to each and every one of you who has signed up to back the bid and become a founding member of the organisation.

With your support we are delighted to advise that we have now reached and exceeded our initial target for individual direct debits.

Meeting that initial target is a great achievement however our sign up campaign continues. We would like as many fans as possible to back the bid to further demonstrate the fans commitment to the deal. Remember the more that sign up the quicker we can eventually repay our borrowing.

We are also still looking for more individuals or organisations who are interested in joining either the 87club or the 1877 non-executive club so please get in contact with us if these are options you would like to explore further.

We are also very pleased to see several former players backing the bid and joining 10000Hours.

Ricky Gillies features in an article in today’s Paisley Express talking about the exciting opportunities fan ownership will bring to the St.Mirren support whilst his fellow Millennium Champions team mates Barry McLaughlin and Steven McGarry are also signed up.

Steven isn’t the first Australian based buddie to have joined either, support has come from ex-pat buddies from all over the globe.

What happens next…….

The bid team will be sitting down on Monday morning to assess exactly what we have in terms of commitments to the Standard, 87Club and 1877 Non Exec membership categories, so if you still haven’t signed up you still have another couple of days to do so. Keep spreading the word to your fellow fans and get as many on board as possible.

Our online systems are there 24×7 to process new memberships. Simply join online at;

Shortly after that the team will be meeting up with the selling consortium and present our bid. We will communicate developments on progress as soon as we have something to report.

Your continued help and support is always very much appreciated.

Gordon Scott, on behalf of the10000Hours Team