Russell Institute

The Paisley Development trust are holding an event in the Russell Institute on the 8th of September 2012 for Renfrewshire Doors Open Weekend.

The Russell Institute was donated to the then Paisley Burgh on the March 1927. Miss Agnes Russell had the building constructed as a memorial to her two bachelor brothers, Robert and Thomas Russell who had died in 1923 and 1920. The building was donated to the people of Paisley for the wellbeing of the woman and children in the area.

Over the years it has seen a family planning clinic, dentists, de-lousing chamber and has served many more other health related services. The health board currently have the building up for sale.  The Paisley Development trust hopes to take over the Russell Institute and use it as a community hub for the benefit of the people of Paisley

The Paisley Development Trust plan to celebrate to history of the building and the people who have worked and visited the building over the years.

The event is a 1920’s themed with different activities on the day. Currently we are at very early stages of planning but we have big plans for the event. Charleston dance classes, prohibition style cocktails, live jazz band, Opus Couture dress and shoe auction. We have many other ideas in the pipeline and would also like to hear from the people of Paisley what they would like to see happen on the day of the event and the future of building in years to come.

We are looking for volunteer researchers to look into the history of the building as well as the people who have worked there, as well as visited for health care. We also want to look into the future of the Russell Institute and new ideas of what how it can be used to benefit the people of Paisley.

We are looking for three generations of Renfrewshire to come along on the day and share their memories of the Russell Institute.  The memories will be recorded and documented into a video.  If you have memories of the Russell Institute then we would like to hear from you.

If you are interested in getting involved with the project then please send an email to You can also visit our Facebook page at