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Anthony Nolan Trust

Paisley food Festival

I would like to invite you and a friend to save a life by simply signing up for the Anthony Nolan Trust tonight at the Wynd Centre, school Wynd, paisley in the apps room tonight at 1800 it will take five to ten minutes to fill in the form and thats it.

Basically I have 50 forms to fill out for volunteers who are healthy from ages 18 – 40 and are in general good health. this is to boost numbers to help people suffering from leukemia it is very worth while and all will be explained.

on the night you are simply signing up to become a donor. if you are not within these age ranges you can still turn up and help by making small donations to the trust.

Please accept my best regards and thanks for your time … it is worth it..

for more info on the trust http://www.anthonynolan.org/

Please take five minutes out your day and make a huge difference.