Other Famous from Paisley

Other people sent in by Paisley.org.uk visitors are:

  • John Reid who went on to become Elton John’s manager “thanks Lancaster”
  • Joe Egan (not sure of spelling) but he played with Billy Connoly
    and Rafferty, Connoly went solo, Joe and Gerry formed STEALERS WHEEL,
    there first album was Stealers Wheel.
  • John Witherspoon, (1723-1794), was the sixth president of Princeton,
    a signer of the Declaration of Independence, and from 1776 to 1782 a
    leading member of the Continental Congress. He came from Scotland in
    1768 to assume the presidency of the college and held office until his
    death a quarter of a century later. read
  • Jill Jackson, singer from band speedway.. read
  • Archie Gemmel,
    International and very famous football player. Scotland and Derby County
    footballer – went to Stanely Green School. Born in Paisley “thanks
    to David Ross”
  • Fulton Mackay,
    actor who appeared in the program Porridge. “thanks to David Ross”
  • Eileen Catterson, professional model. “thanks Lorraine”
  • John “Cowboy” McCormack,
    John won an Olympic bronze medal for Boxing in the 1950’s. Although
    he was born in Glasgow, he has spend many many years living in Paisley
    where he settled and brought up his family, and he now considers himself
    as a proud “Buddie”. “thanks Lorraine”
  • Andy Weir: Motherwell & Scotland
    (Thanks terry)
  • David Hay: Celtic & Scotland (Thanks Terry)
  • Paul Gallacher: Dundee Utd & Scotland (Thanks Terry)
  • Kenny Ireland:
    Actor/Director – (Thanks Terry)
  • Shereen Nanjiani:
    TV Journalist Scotland Today (Thanks Terry)
  • Politicians – Wendy & Douglas Alexander – Hugh Henry – Tony Benn’s mother (an
    Eadie of the engineering family) (Thanks Terry)
  • Heather “the Weather” Reid, hails from Paisley, thanks Finlay
  • Steven Moffat, comes from Paisley, thanks FinlayTessa
    read more here..
  • Gordon McGrory aka “Mince”, nomination from David Kerr http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mince_Fratelli
  • Eddie Blair, accomplished and well known Jazz Musician “website
  • Ken Macdonald Special Correspondent for BBC Scotland Newsnight. Attended Paisley Grammar and worked in several radio stations and regularly attends St Mirren games wit his father, Gillie Macdonald. “thanks Sean Hurl “
  • Owen Coyle, Footballer and Football manager
  • Paul Lambert, Footballer and Football manager
  • Christopher Brookmyre, Author official website link http://www.brookmyre.co.uk/
  • Sean Batty, Weatherman for STV. nominated by Letta