Paisleys Whisky Pt 3


Grants Whisky, Park Road Paisley

Blacklandmills was the location of the third in our series on Paisleys Whisky . The premises started life as the Bleachworks of Adam Hamilton & Sons of Lounsdale however they succumbed to their creditors in 1900 and the business taken on by the Bleachers Association Ltd, an early amalgamation of like tradespeople. Not much is known of the premises until the arrival of Wm Grants & Sons.

grants whisky

Paisley Provost George Walker was present when the first casks of ‘Standfast’ Whisky were delivered at Grants new bonded warehouse at Park Road in 1959. The firm moved from their plant at Nicholson Street Glasgow having purchased Blacklandmill from Bradford Dyers Association . The new Glenburn plant, extensively redeveloped by the companys own workmen, employed 250 people in bottling 60,000 bottles of Grants ‘Standfast’ Whisky each day and had a storage capacity of some 250,000 gallons of blended Whisky. Grants ceased their Paisley operation in 1994. The location is now a residential estate.

Did you or your family/friends work in Grants ?. What knowledge or memories do you have of Grants in Park Road.

History article written for by Roddy Boyd who has an excellent Paisley History page on Facebook Oor Wee Toon which you can find by clicking here..