To write a candidate’s thesis valuable for the development of science, it is necessary:

  • Choose an actual topic of research that has scientific novelty.
  • Make sure that the topic is sufficiently developed.
  • Evaluate the works of scientists who have already covered this scientific problem.
  • Make a plan of work on the dissertation.
  • Keep all drafts and copies of the work to be able to correct the text of the thesis.

Use graphs, charts, tables, and diagrams in the text, which allow you to graphically display the quantitative values of the study. Allocate enough time to write the introduction and conclusions to the work.

Writing a dissertation begins with the definition and approval of the topic of the dissertation research. However some students understand that they do not have time to do everything physically, so they decide to order the writing of a turnkey dissertation from A custom dissertation is a great way to save your time and energy.

What is the Variety of Dissertation Format

There are hundreds or even thousands of different international and national citation styles. The purpose of each of them is to create uniform rules for the design of bibliographic references and in-text citations in scientific works.

If you are also writing your paper, you will have to decide which citation style to use. Each source used in the bibliographic list must be specified with information that will not allow it to be confused with other resources.

Popular design styles include Harvard and Oxford styles, MLA, APA, OSCOLA, and others. You can familiarize yourself with each of them in detail using a special recommended list. The choice of option depends on personal preferences, the format and topic of the dissertation, and the consultant’s recommendations.

How do You Cite a Dissertation in APA Format?

APA style is the style of the American Psychological Association, recommended for the design of references in scientific works. The realities of practice show that the APA rules are quite clear and convenient.

According to APA style recommendations, it is always placed on a separate page at the end of a scientific work. This is an information part that allows you to get the necessary primary source at any time, find it, and use the data. 

Each source mentioned in the text should be listed in the bibliography and vice versa. A list of references is directly a list of sources used. The layout involves placing the title in the center in a normal font without quotation marks. You should use double line spacing for the entire volume of such material.

How to Hire an Editor to Format Your Dissertation

In the process of preparing for the defense of a scientific paper, it is necessary to devote time not only to its writing. It is important to focus on preparing directly for the defense. The commission pays attention not only to the quality of the dissertation itself but also to the quality of the defense. It is important that accompanying documents, such as the abstract, appendices, and others, are also prepared in a high-quality manner. 

Based on the huge volume of work that scientists have to perform at this stage, it is logical to assume that it is impossible to do without qualified outside help. That is why there are numerous services on the Internet where you can get a dissertation writing service or consultation. Experienced specialists will be able to help in the development and design of research work of any level. 

Figure Out How Long is a Dissertation?

If we rely on the requirements for the preparation of the dissertation, the volume of the main text of the candidate’s thesis should be 100-160 pages in A4 format. This volume does not include a title page, table of contents, and list of sources.

The work (both doctoral and candidate) must be unique. The higher the uniqueness, the fewer suspicions the inspection commission will have.

The minimum percentage of uniqueness of scientific work is 80%. The service for checking uniqueness chooses a higher attestation commission. The applicant can use any specialized services, as the results of the checks will be approximately the same.

What’s the Difference Between a Dissertation vs. a Thesis?

The differences between a bachelor’s thesis and a master’s thesis appear at different levels. Even though these are different levels of education that require mastery of different research methods, writing these types of papers requires special approaches.

If we try to highlight the most significant and fundamental differences between these two types of work, they look like this:

  • The volume differs. If the methodical recommendations define a bachelor’s work in the range of 40 to 60 pages, then the volume of a master’s thesis reaches 80 to 100 pages.
  • The list of sources in the master’s research should be very broad (over 100 items) and include dictionaries, and the latest research (including foreign ones). The requirements for a bachelor’s thesis are slightly lower: there should be up to 100 sources, and the presence of foreign sources is a plus, but no one will punish you for their absence.
  • Approach to choosing a topic. If a bachelor’s student can ask for advice from a scientific supervisor and get an exact direction, then a master’s student chooses a topic independently and starts collecting materials as early as possible. 

In all these cases, you can get help from a professional writing service.