Legal matters are complex and require professional help to resolve the issues. An experienced solicitor will have the right advice and awareness of the legalities of the case. Therefore, whether you have a personal or professional legal battle, hiring a reliable solicitor can help you navigate a stressful situation.

We understand that finding a solicitor is time-consuming and complicated. For starters, you will have to look for an experienced lawyer who specialises in the practice area of your case. Other things to consider are the cost of hiring, location, reviews, and communication. Read along to learn how to find a solicitor in the UK who will suffice your legal requirements.

How do you locate the best solicitor in the UK?

Follow these guidelines to find a qualified and experienced solicitor:

Types of solicitors

To find the right solicitor, you need to understand the areas of expertise. Look for a lawyer with a successful case in the specialised field to make a choice.

Here are some of the solicitor types to choose from:

  • Conveyancing solicitors – property-related disputes
  • Family and divorce solicitors – family, relationship, divorce, custody, child maintenance cases
  • Dispute resolution solicitors – cases related to company or partnership disputes
  • Personal injury solicitors – disputes including car accidents, work injuries or injuries due to negligence
  • Employment law solicitors – issues related to workplace harassment, discrimination and working environment
  • Power of attorney – manage property or financial disputes in the family for yourself or loved ones


Learn about the lawyer’s fees before hiring and choose as per your budget. Many professionals have hourly rates for consultation and charge as needed as per the case. You may have to pay a certain fixed fee during consultation.

Some lawyers may also offer no win, no fee and will only charge if you win the case. These services are subject to the lawyers’ success rate and individual case potential.

Additional costs may involve court fees, paperwork, and expert witness fees. Weigh the level of expertise needed, the type of lawyer services and the case requirements.


Some people may select a lawyer per their friends and family’s recommendations. They may recommend a well-known local expert based on their own experience. When finding a solicitor online, search the internet for testimonials. You may go through the online reviews on Google, Yelp or Trustpilot to confirm the credibility of solicitors.


You may choose a lawyer who works nearby or connect with a legal professional online. The lawyer who works locally will provide face-to-face services and be more convenient to meet. On the other hand, finding a lawyer online may be quick and accessible.

It will allow you to connect via chat, phone or video call. You may go through the lawyer directory to learn more about the legal professionals, practice areas, and contact details.

Connecting with the lawyer

Your chemistry with the lawyer may be an essential factor you may not even consider initially. However, you must discuss personal and professional information with a legal professional, which requires high comfort.

This makes it essential to talk to a few experts and select the one you feel most connected to. Another important thing is to set the best method of communication and alternate ways to stay connected throughout the case.


While finding the best solicitor, you may need to verify the qualifications and credibility. You may go through the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) databases to ensure you choose a professional with the right qualifications.

It has information regarding the education, training and qualifications of legal professionals. In addition, you may also check the solicitor’s website and other details.

Consultation Process with the Solicitor

Once you have selected the lawyer for consultation, ensure you make the most of it.

  • Ask questions about their experience in specific areas of law.
  • Confirm if they have handled similar cases.
  • Ask about the fee related to the case, filing and hearings.
  • Negotiate fees as per your legal needs.
  • Ask if they offer no-win, no-fee services.

You may add more queries in the initial consult to ensure a fruitful selection process.

Parting Words

When fighting legal battles, you need the best solicitor for expert guidance. Finding a suitable professional may be challenging. However, considering the above information may help you narrow it down per your legal requirements. With the right solicitor, you will know your case is in good hands and end up with a favourable decision. Contact to find a solicitor for legal assistance.