There are so many possibilities when it comes to your garden that it might be hard to land on one. Do you want somewhere to enjoy a glass of wine, or something akin to The Secret Garden, full of plants and creatures? Maybe a mix of both? If you’re looking for ideas, take a look at the best gardening trends of 2024.

Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens

There is a rising trend pushed forward by environmentalists that is embracing the “wild” of the home garden. By embracing native plants and a less neat look to your garden, you can support local ecosystems and attract wildlife. It’s very “Save the Bees”. Not only are people encouraging plants that grow naturally, and even what would have been called “weeds” in yesteryear, but there is an ongoing movement to ask people to cut their grass less, known as creating a wild garden. This in turn is said to encourage more wildlife and insects into the garden.

If you want to try it yourself, the first move is to put down the shears and use eco-friendly practices like composting, rainwater harvesting, and natural pest control. Start composting kitchen waste, collect rainwater, and choose organic gardening methods. Research local native plants to create a wildlife-friendly habitat and perhaps add some bird feeders and bee-friendly flowers.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Our love of making another space for guests and chilling out hasn’t gone with lockdown lifting. We went crazy expanding outdoor spaces for relaxation and entertainment with bars and patios and long may it continue. This is more of a handy DIY task than a gardening one, but if you’re willing to put in the work – or hire someone to put in the work, like these building merchants – you can create a lovely area that will add value to your home and your home life. Create seating areas with outdoor furniture and consider building a pergola to keep them all protected. Create a deck as a good foundation and you can add a fire pit and soft seats or an outdoor dining table for somewhere to enjoy your coffee and newspaper.

Edible Landscaping

Speaking of being more sustainable with your garden, have you ever considered edible plants: i.e. fruits and veg. Integrating edible plants into the garden covers both aesthetics and practicality. Imagine a home cooked meal ripped right out your own garden, or at least seasoned with your own herbs for a first step. It means every meal was made, not necessarily with love but definitely with dedication. Incorporate fruit trees, herbs, and vegetables into your garden design with raised beds or container gardens.

Container Gardening:

Of course, if a wild garden isn’t feasible or is simply too much work, consider using containers for flexibility and mobility. You can plant flowers, herbs, or even small vegetables in decorative containers. Mix and match container styles for visual interest. If you want to keep the maintenance low on your garden, opt for easy-care plants and designs. Choose plants that are well-suited to your climate and require minimal maintenance. Plus, you might want to use mulch to suppress weeds. You can even create a smart garden by incorporating technology for efficient garden management. Use smart irrigation systems, soil sensors, or gardening apps to monitor and manage your garden more effectively.

Cottagecore Aesthetic

In terms of actually finding a “look” to your garden, the biggest trend is clearly cottagecore. Cottagecore is so big people using it are getting criticism for having it while in an apartment where they can’t get much nature. If you have a garden, take advantage of it. Create a romantic and nostalgic garden reminiscent of simpler times by planting a mix of flowers in a relaxed, informal style. Add vintage-inspired elements like old-fashioned garden tools or rustic containers to give the impression of a simpler time.