Running a small business can be extremely rewarding, but it can also feel stressful and serious at times. As a small business owner, it’s important to inject some fun into your company culture so that you and your employees can enjoy the workplace and be more engaged, creative and productive. Here are ten tips for making your small business feel livelier and more enjoyable for everyone.

1. Decorate with Colourful and Quirky Items

Add some visual interest to your office by decorating with bright, bold colours and unique decorative pieces. Hang some abstract art prints, put up string lights or paper lanterns, and use accessories like colourful throw pillows and funky desk organisers. Having an element of whimsy and playfulness to the décor makes the space more inviting and gets those creative juices flowing. You can take a look at a mood colour chart to discover positive feeling colours prior to making a change.

2. Play Upbeat Music

Music instantly sets the tone for any environment. Create different playlists for various moods and occasions – upbeat and lively for times when focus and energy are needed, or calm and relaxing when the workload is particularly stressful. Let employees take turns choosing the soundtrack for the day. You’ll be amazed at how music can pick up the pace and mood.

3. Schedule Regular Fun Activities

To prevent your small business from feeling “all work and no play,” schedule some regular activities that are purely for fun and bonding. This could be a monthly happy hour, a themed potluck lunch, team building activities like mini golf or escape rooms, or short games like trivia during lunch hour. Make time for pure fun and your team will be more motivated.

4. Encourage Employees to Personalise Workspaces

Allowing employees to customise their workstations with personal mementos and stylish accessories makes the space feel more like home. Photos, small plants, framed artwork, and even fun desk organisers let staff put their own stamp on the environment. A personalised workspace fosters creativity and a sense of belonging.

5. Use an Amusing Phone Greeting

A professional but humorously spirited phone greeting lets callers know they’ve reached a fun and lively place of business. Write a short script that incorporates a fun phrase or two – something like, “You’ve reached the fantabulous offices of XX Company. How may we assist you in reaching new heights today?” A touch of humour and personality in the greeting sets the tone.

6. Host Fun Office Events

Host occasional in-office events like bring your pet to work day, glitter bombed employees on their birthdays, or silly hat Fridays. Potluck lunches, ice cream socials, and pizza parties are other options. Having occasional events gives employees something entertaining to look forward to and builds camaraderie.

7. Relax Dress Code Rules

Allow for more casual attire on certain days of the week or month, such as “crazy sock day” or “bright t-shirt day.” Relaxing the dress code now and then adds variety, allows employees to express themselves, and creates a more playful environment. Themed attire for big meetings or holidays also brings some amusement.

8. Laugh and Smile More

Laughter really is contagious. When you and other business leaders make an effort to laugh, tell jokes, and have a light-hearted attitude, it spreads to others quickly. Try watching a funny video together on lunch break. Sharing laughs helps everyone become more upbeat.

9. Set Up Game Areas

Designate an area where employees can take a quick break for games like ping pong, foosball, or arcade classics. Stock a break room with board games for some fun during lunch hour or as afternoon pick-me-ups. Add a bright coloured pop art background to the space or create some prints to brighten up the room. Game areas give staff a mental reset and the health benefits of laughter if games get competitive!

10. Change Up the Workspace

Alter your business’s workspace seasonally or when things start feeling monotonous. Paint or bring in new art, move workstations around, add fun collaborative spaces with sofas or stools, display holiday decorations, or incorporate the year’s trending colours. A change of scenery refreshes and re-energises.

Implementing even a few of these ideas can make a big difference in boosting morale and enjoyment within your small business. A fun, playful workspace leads to more engaged employees, stimulates creativity, reduces stress, and generally makes your business a place staff look forward to coming to each day. Use these tips to help your small business feel more inviting, exciting, and filled with positivity every day!