Your home’s eligibility for the ECO4 and its benefits primarily depend on the energy efficiency rating of your home. You may qualify for the ECO4 scheme if your property has an EPC rating of D, E, F, or G. This rating can be found on your property’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

Before considering qualification for ECO4, remember that homeowners with an EPC rating of A-C have proper insulation and heating arrangements. Hence, you will not qualify for the ECO4 program since your home is adequately efficient.

Here are some of the important things you must know about becoming eligible for the ECO 4 scheme.

  1. Income-Based Eligibility

People with a limited income may not be able to make home improvements frequently. Overlooking home improvements, especially the ones that could make your home more energy efficient, can spike your bills and add to your carbon footprint.

That is why individuals who receive benefits such as Pension Credit, Child Tax Credit, Universal Credit, or generally have a low income can apply for the ECO4 scheme. These requirements can vary further if your annual household income is less than £31,000 per year.

  1. Property Eligibility

This website tells you all about how the ECO4 scheme focuses on property improvement, and it is not a surprise that your property will become eligible for this program if it meets the specified energy performance criteria. These standards can seem rigid, but they benefit more people than you may think.

Firstly, you may be eligible for ECO4 if your roof is suitable for loft installation. It means that it must have enough space for the purpose. Likewise, your walls must also be in a good enough condition for insulation. Meeting these criteria can make your property eligible for certain grants and reduce your energy bills.

  1. Energy Performance

Properties with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of D, E, F, or G can qualify for the grant. The main goal of the ECO4 grant is to reduce carbon emissions and improve your home’s energy efficiency. Of course, the government will prioritize enhancing your home if your EPC rating is E or higher. 

The grant is designed to help households lower their energy bills, reduce their carbon footprint, and create a more sustainable future. Hence, you can improve your home’s heating systems, better insulation, and other aspects.

  1. Landlord Eligibility

The ECO4 scheme is not limited to homeowners alone. You can also benefit from it if you are renting a certain place that can benefit from the ECO4 scheme. The law in the UK states that landlords must obtain the necessary permissions from their tenants before applying and implementing energy-saving measures

It means that a landlord must obtain consent from the tenants for necessary work, such as insulation, draft-proofing, or upgrading heating systems, to ensure that the property meets specific energy efficiency requirements. However, the tenants have the right to say no to these changes. Hence, you can rely on the ECO4 to implement the needed changes.