Hyderabad is very famous across the globe due to the historical Nizam culture, and it is not hard to agree when it is referred to as the New York of India. Due to the racing lifestyle and the young crowd, this particular city is now home to many people and ultimately comes with a good number of tourist attractions as well, which makes it very popular for tourism activity. So, if you are planning a trip to this particular city, try staying in resorts in Hyderabad so that you can have the best experience. The following are some of the most important travel places to be considered in this particular city:


  1. Charminar: This perfectly serves as the iconic landmark and is one of the most important structures in the city, which is a historical place in India. Indeed, this is one of the most important places to be visited in the entire India and will be dating back to the 1500s in terms of historical perspective. People can easily enjoy some of the best possible street food items whenever they visit this particular place.
  2. MECCA mosque: This is one of the most important religious sites in the city of Hyderabad and is one of the oldest places to be witnessed. This is very well counted among the top heritage places in India and has received its name after the bricks which were purchased for construction from the famous city of MECCA in Saudi Arabia. It is perfectly standing tall at a height of 23 m, and the fascinating place is not only one of the spectacular Places in Hyderabad buttonhole of India.
  3. Hussain Sagar Lake: This is one of the largest man-made lakes in the heart of the city of Hyderabad and is one of the most important beautiful places to be visited for couples especially. Other than the majestic muse, it also has the Buddha statue located in the middle of the lake, which people can easily fit in once they get involved in parasailing and boating activities. The overall atmosphere and the best possible activities associated with it make it one of the most happening places in the entire city.
  4. Ramoji Film City: This particular place is one of the most important places, which comes with surprises in small packages. This is not only a very famous tourist place in Hyderabad but also holds the Guinness World Book record for being home to more than 50 well-equipped film sets in a single location. The ticket for this particular place is approximately 1100, and visiting this place is definitely a great idea so that you will be able to witness the grand film sets and enjoy a lot by capturing the best moments with your loved ones over here.
  5. Nehru Zoological Park: This place is home to more than 1,500 animals and is one of the most important places to be visited in the entire city of Hyderabad. This is very well spread across an area of 380 acres and is happening to be one of the largest possible zoos in India, which provides people with the best possible insights into wildlife and nature.
  6. Snow World: This is one of the most important attractions to be carried out in the city of Hyderabad and is a unique amusement park located in the heart of the city right next to Hussain Sagar Lake. This is spread across the area of 2 acres of land and is very successful in providing people with the promising adventure of the snow land with friends, family and other tourists alike. The ticket price is approximately 500, and ultimately, the experience is definitely worth it. Giving one chance to play around and snow is definitely worth it in this particular area.
  7. Birla Mandir: This place is spread across 13 acres of land and is situated at a height of approximately 280 feet. Birla Mandir is one of the most important places to visit in Hyderabad, even if you are on a short trip. This is very popular among the Hindu population, and travellers across the globe come here to pay homage to the Lord. Visiting this place is one of the most important decisions that you should make, and you must include this particular place in your travel itinerary.
  8. Chowmahalla Palace: This is one of the most important and fascinating places in Hyderabad city, especially for couples who are manifesting the real meaning of Nizam culture. This has been very well served as the royal residence of the Nizam, and the Royal seat of a Dynasty is still present over there, which makes it one of the most important places. It is capable of impressing travellers with its grand and rich historical past.
  9. NTR Garden: This place is one of the most important places to visit, especially with family, and this is a new addition to the family of tourist attractions in the city. This place has been perfectly dedicated and built-in memory of the late Shri NT Rama Rao, and planning a visit to this particular area is basically a good idea because it will be very beneficial for the mind, body and soul of the individuals.
  10. Purani Haveli: If you are interested in getting in touch with the royalty of the city of Hyderabad, visiting this place is a good idea because this is the beautiful European style architecture which was presented in the 19th century and is crafted in the alphabet U-shaped complex. It is very successful in providing people with a good number of benefits along with insights into European and Indian history alike.


While understanding the grandeur of Hyderabad don’t forget to experience the luxurious living at the resorts in Hyderabad. Places like Hyderabad are steeped in Indian History and offer much knowledge about the heritage and culture of the country. People will be completely enlightened about the historical perspective of the place along with tourism, which will be extremely enjoyable.