It can feel like there’s no way out when you are trapped in the cycle of drug or alcohol addiction, but recovery is always an option.

According to Public Health Scotland, 1,190 people across Scotland died due to alcohol use in 2020 alone.

Additionally, drugs caused 1,330 deaths across Scotland during 2021.

It’s important to seek professional help to recover from a drug or alcohol addiction. Attempting to do so alone can be ineffective or worse, dangerous.

Thankfully, Scotland is home to a number of high-quality addiction rehabs that are committed to providing the best standard of care.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best addiction rehabs in Scotland to help you feel more informed when choosing addiction treatment for yourself or a loved one.

1. Rehab Recovery

Rehab Recovery provides addiction treatment and support for people across Scotland who are struggling with substance use disorders, mental health issues and behavioural addictions.

Their highly-trained and experienced workers can offer advice and guidance, provide an initial diagnosis and refer clients to a rehab clinic that best suits them and their individual needs.

Rehab Recovery specialise in facilitating treatment for a range of addictions including alcohol, heroin, cocaine and cannabis addiction. They can also assist in treating mental health disorders including anxiety and depression as well as behavioural addictions such as gambling, social media and sex and love addiction.

They match clients with traditional residential rehabs as well as outpatient programmes, counsellors, 12 Step programmes and supervised medical detoxes.

It’s completely free to use Rehab Recovery – they simply want to assist in finding you the right treatment programme. They work with your budget to match you with an addiction service that you can afford, whether that is private or NHS-funded.

Their website is also a useful source of information for anything related to addiction and mental health. If you need advice, support or guidance at any point throughout your recovery journey, Rehab Recovery should be your first port of call.

Phone: 0800 088 6686


2. Calderglen House

Calderglen House offers high-quality addiction treatment in peaceful surroundings.

Set on 10 acres of private woodland in the Scottish countryside, Calderglen House promotes an abstinence-based philosophy to addiction recovery.

The clinic provides 24 ensuite bedrooms and offers a wide range of treatments including detox, counselling and aftercare. They does not simply treat the addiction – they assist in rebuilding your habits, social relationships and general health.

It’s not all hard work, however. Residents also have access to a private river and fishing area and can help to care for the on-site chickens, often enjoying freshly-laid eggs for breakfast. There is also a gym, a vegetable garden and a furniture workshop available.

Paying for your addiction treatment is made simple at Calderglen House, as they are an approved provider for a range of private insurance companies.

Remember that you don’t have to live in Scotland to benefit from these services – Calderglen House accepts patients from all over the world.

Phone: 01698 823 624


Address: Off Blantyre Farm Road, Blantyre, South Lanarkshire, Scotland G72 9UG

3. CrossReach

CrossReach Residential Recovery Service is an inpatient addiction treatment clinic based in Glasgow. They work to help people recover from drug and alcohol addiction through scientifically-backed methods.

Many of the workers at CrossReach have experienced addiction in their own lives and are now committed to helping others recover.

Residents are encouraged to create their own recovery plan and will benefit from an empowering and supported form of addiction treatment. You will be assigned a buddy when you first arrive – this is a patient who is further along in their treatment who can support you as you settle in.

CrossReach understands that men and women often have different experiences with addiction and recovery, and therefore this clinic specialises in gender-specific therapy.

They work with people who have experienced trauma, criminal issues and mental health disorders, so if your issue is more complex then do not hesitate to get in touch with them.

Phone: 0141 950 1772


Address: 21A Westland Drive, Scotstoun, Glasgow G14 9NY

4. Turning Point Scotland

Turning Point Scotland hold a drop-in recovery service in Edinburgh to support those with drug and alcohol addictions.

This is known as the Turning Point Scotland North East Edinburgh Recovery Service and serves as a one-stop shop for anything you need to recover from addiction.

When you attend the recovery service you will meet with a worker, explain your issue in detail and receive support and advice. Together you will make a plan and decide on the next course of action – this may be a referral to an inpatient rehab clinic, a medical detox or a course of counselling.

The Turning Point Scotland North East Edinburgh Recovery Service is partnered with NHS Lothian and the Health and Social Care Partnership, and workers include NHS staff, social workers and volunteers.

You can choose whether you speak to a male or female worker, and can also receive advice and support over the phone if you are unable to attend in person.

Phone: 0141 427 8200


Address: North East Edinburgh Recovery Service, 5 Links Place, Edinburgh EH6 7EZ

5. Phoenix Futures Glasgow

Phoenix Futures Glasgow offers a residential service to help people struggling with addiction turn their lives around.

With 31 private rooms available, many with additional mobility access, the clinic is a comfortable and inclusive environment that is completely drug and alcohol-free.

Upon arrival at Phoenix Futures Glasgow, residents will begin their stay in the Welcome House. This allows them to settle in and get used to the daily routine and structure of rehab. They will then move to the main programme where they can begin to tackle their addiction recovery through a combination of detox and counselling.

Most residents stay for a minimum of three months, with the longest programmes lasting up to six months. This allows enough time for both individual and group therapies as well as behavioural and lifestyle changes.

Residents are encouraged to volunteer in the community, continue their education and contribute to the day-to-day running of the facility while supporting each other through treatment.

There are additional services available after the treatment programme has been completed, with many residents moving to specialised supported housing to continue their recovery.

Phone: 0141 332 0121


Address: 15 Castlebank Villas, Glasgow G13 2XA

6. Priory Hospital Glasgow

Priory Hospital Glasgow are one of the UK’s leading addiction rehabs, offering treatment for various substance use disorders as well as mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.

If you’re unsure about the type of treatment you require, they can also provide a free initial addictions assessment.

Priory Hospital Glasgow treats the whole person instead of solely focusing on the addiction. While they offer a medical detox, various counselling services and a year of weekly aftercare, they also focus on general wellbeing with yoga sessions, art therapy and regular movie nights available to residents.

The team are highly qualified and experienced, with around 80 years of combined sobriety. Many of them share similar experiences to you and are aware of exactly the type of help and support you need to recover.

Eating well is made easy at Priory Hospital Glasgow, with an award-winning restaurant located on site. They are set in landscaped gardens and are just a short distance away from Queens Park which has its own boating lake.

Phone: 0141 530 7536


Address: 38-40 Mansionhouse Road, Glasgow, Greater Glasgow G41 3DW

7. Priory Wellbeing Centre Aberdeen

Priory Wellbeing Centre Aberdeen specialise in treating mental health issues, many of which coincide with substance addictions.

The clinic is located in Aberdeen city centre, a convenient location for both local residents and those travelling from further afield. Priory Wellbeing Centre Aberdeen is an outpatient facility, meaning that you will continue to live at home and attend appointments during the day or evening.

As the clinic has close ties with Priory Hospital Glasgow, any residents who require further help for addiction or mental health treatment can be easily transferred to their inpatient facility.

One of the key focuses at Priority Wellbeing Centre Aberdeen is on building resilience and managing stress. This is essential when dealing with mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, and can also help those who are working to recover from a substance use disorder.

Each patient will receive a unique treatment plan specifically tailored to their own needs, and residents can be as involved as they wish when designing this programme.

Phone: 0122 498 0154


Address: 7 Queens Gardens, Aberdeen AB15 4YD

8. River Garden

River Garden offers a completely unique method of addiction treatment that is proving to be extremely effective.

They offer long-term placements to a small number of residents who have recently completed a detox, with treatment programmes lasting for up to three years.

Rather than being a traditional rehab clinic, River Garden is a community where residents live together, work together and support one another through recovery. Teamwork, social connections and learning new skills are a huge part of the treatment programme.

You will learn how to plant, grow and harvest vegetables from the communal garden, craft items out of wood, bake delicious items for the cafe and much more. River Garden can help you heal from addiction while simultaneously growing as a person.

River Garden is entirely funded by donations – residents do not pay a penny for their treatment and they receive no funding from the NHS or government.

Phone: 01292 521164


Address: The Bothy Office, River Garden, Auchincruive, Ayr KA6 5AE

Some final words

In conclusion, the journey to recovery from drug or alcohol addiction is a challenging but essential path to reclaiming one’s life. The sobering statistics from Public Health Scotland remind us of the urgent need for effective addiction treatment services in the country.

Seeking professional help is not only advisable but crucial for individuals and their families who are dealing with the devastating impact of addiction.

Scotland is fortunate to have a range of reputable addiction rehabs dedicated to providing comprehensive and tailored care to those in need. Our list of the top 8 best addiction rehabs in Scotland for 2023 aims to empower individuals with information and options, making the process of choosing the right treatment program more manageable.

From Rehab Recovery, offering free assistance and a wide range of treatment options, to Calderglen House, providing a serene and supportive environment for recovery, these facilities are committed to helping individuals overcome addiction.