Personal training as a career is a rewarding one where you’re able to help a variety of people achieve their fitness goals. Whether that be to run a marathon, to lose a considerable amount of weight, or just to improve your fitness levels, it’s a career you will get a lot out of.

With that being said, if you’re looking to explore a career as a personal trainer, it’s well worth looking at local gyms around the Paisley area. Some offer personal training opportunities, so here are a few that are worth knowing about.

1.  Crossfit Paisley

As far as gyms go, there’s nothing better than getting access to one 24/7. With Crossfit Paisley, you can take a trip to the gym whenever you want, whether that’s after work, before sunrise, or in the middle of the night. Along with the zero contract and specialist classes available, you’ve got lots of benefits with a membership to this gym.

They offer some great programs such as the Couch to CrossFit 28-day course. You can also try out a class for free before committing to the expense of more.

Personal training opportunities

Crossfit does offer one-to-one personal trainers at this gym, so it’s well worth checking out their availability and seeing if they are in need of additional staff. As a chain gym, you’ll likely find personal trainer opportunities crop up fairly regularly.

2.  Pro-Life Fitness Centre

Sometimes, gym attendees need more than just a gym. The Pro-Life Fitness Centre is an example of going above and beyond for its customers. For a gym that comes with its own creche and spa facilities, it seems to have a lot to offer.

Considering the gym offers a lot of features, the membership prices are fairly competitive with both monthly options, and bi-annual, and annual payments. There are a ton of classes available, alongside a number of spa facilities and even physiotherapy opportunities.

Personal training opportunities

Currently, Pro-Life Fitness Centre offers a number of personal trainers for its customers. They have around ten currently on the site, but you may find they are actively looking for more in the future.

3.  PureGym Paisley

As a popular chain of gyms across the country, you’ve got a great gym in PureGym Paisley. They offer affordable and competitive prices with no commitment to a contract needed. It does provide the basics when it comes to equipment but for some that’s all that’s needed. There are also plenty of classes to take advantage of.

Personal training opportunities

PureGym offers a number of personal trainers in-house that tend to work there on a full-time basis. It’s a good one for those who might be starting out as a personal trainer and would like to start building a client base.

If you’re looking to start a new career as a personal trainer, then it’s good to explore the requirements you’ll need and the potential prospects

4.  Anvil Strength Gym

For more intimate settings that don’t feel too corporate, Anvil Strength Gym is a great gym within the Paisley area. They don’t share much on their website but they do have active Facebook and Instagram pages.

This is a premier strength and conditioning facility, making it a little more niche in comparison to some of the other gyms and fitness centres on this list. It’s also home to some of the best powerlifting equipment and it seems many of the events and classes they run are focused on powerlifting and strength building in particular.

Personal training opportunities

Due to the limited information on their socials and website, there’s no specific mention of personal training opportunities for customers. It may be that they allow personal trainers to come in with their clients at a cost, so it’s worth getting in touch to find out more.

5.  Curves

If you’re looking for an exclusive gym catered to women only, then Curves is an option that’s well worth considering. Curves have a number of locations across the UK and Europe and are driven to help members become stronger, fitter, and healthier in themselves.

It’s described as more than just a gym but a support network for women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. They help women take care of themselves from the inside out, assisting with nutrition and exercise.

A coach is provided for every member on each visit and they help set goals that the individual can work on monthly.

Personal training opportunities

It looks as though Curves offers one-to-one coaching for its members, which likely means personal training options are available. However, this may mean you’re committed to the business itself, rather than being a freelance personal trainer. For some, that might be handy to have.