There are so many ways to experience a staycation, whether that be in a standard hotel, lodge, or one that includes a hot tub!

However, caravan holidays are increasing in popularity, with more and more people opting to spend their breaks in one – especially in the summer months on your June breaks.

Deciding on your destination and where to stay can be a big decision, but if you’re thinking of a caravan holiday in June, carry on reading to find out whether this type of holiday is for you…

Which type of holiday do you want?

A major factor in deciding whether caravans are for you is to decide what type of holiday you want to experience.

If you want a quieter location for a more relaxing holiday, a caravan can provide this. Just make sure to choose a smaller caravan park.

On the other hand, if you want more hustle and bustle, caravans can also provide this! With friendly communities, you can easily meet new people and make friends on-site.

This is made even better in the summer months when you can enjoy the sunshine with other holiday goers.

If you’re keeping busy whilst away, choose a location where you can explore for hours, so you don’t have to always stay at your caravan park. In this case, look for locations that provide the best attractions – Devon is particularly amazing in June.

Who are you going with?

A caravan holiday may be a better experience to share if you’re taking a group of friends or family – you could even take a large group and rent caravans right next to each other!

However, travelling with more people means that everyone’s needs have to be met, so make sure there’s at least one activity for everyone on your trip!

If you’re holidaying with young children, make sure that there are enough activities within your chosen location to keep them entertained for hours – holidaying in June offers more activities to enjoy in the sunshine, like water sports.

Also, if you aren’t able to secure dog-sitting appointments for your furry friend, you’ll be glad to know that you could have the option to bring them along with you – just check with your holiday provider first.

Just make sure there’s enough room for everyone. Some of the larger caravans hold up to eight people – ensuring maximum comfort!

What utilities do you require?

Holidays differ from person to person and you may be wanting to eat out more than cooking, but if you do want to cook, be aware of the utilities within your caravan.

Caravans range from having the basics to more luxurious items. Take time to browse through what each of them has to offer, helping you pick the one that caters to all of your holiday needs!

What do you need to bring?

When you’ve finalised which caravan park you’ll be staying at, you’ll then have to pack for your holiday.

As caravans come in a range of different sizes, it’s important to look out for how much storage there is onboard, so you can avoid bringing unnecessary items that will just cause clutter.

And if you’re heading away in June, pack all of the summer essentials, like beach towels and hats!

With a wide array of things to think about before deciding whether a caravan holiday is for you, will you be embarking on one this June? If so, which caravan park location will you be choosing?