A team of business founders are aiming to address the ongoing problem with the boiler industry in the UK and have recently set up a new brand called Warmable to help consumers and businesses to save money.

The new business, Warmable, was launched in May 2023 and offers an online portal that connects customers to more than 1,000 professional engineers and installers across the UK and Scotland including Glasgow and surrounding areas such as Paisley.

Warmable proposes to help customers with their boiler trouble with a same day or next day visit from a registered engineer, providing them with an impartial quote and the choice to get their boiler serviced, repaired or replaced on the day.

During their research, the business founders of Richard Speer and Daniel Tannenbaum discovered that more than 1.75 million new boilers are fitted every year in the UK and Scotland, and they typically cost between £1,500 and £5,000 for the full installation and there are ongoing costs to insure and service it.

“The problem we discovered is that when your boiler is faulty or not working, you are desperate to get it fixed because you will be without hot water for you and your family,” Tannenbaum explains.

“You will likely need a boiler replacement asap and you can end up paying well over the regular price because you have no options,” he adds.

“But let’s be honest, the average homeowner has no idea of how much a new boiler costs to fit and install and they might be paying thousands extra, because they believe that is the price.”

“But if they use our service at Warmable, they will be able to get an installer to come on the same day or next day, get a free quote, with no obligation to proceed. And if they want it fixed there and then, they can do so, with very clear price transparency.”

“With the recent cost of living crisis in the UK,” Speer adds, “the average home does not have thousands of pounds lying around to fix or replace their boiler. We believe that there is a disservice happening and we think we are going to save consumers millions.”

Warmable has spent over a year partnering with more than 1,000 professional engineers across the UK, Wales and Scotland – and ensures that all of their installers are licensed, registered and able to provide true quotes.

A customer can request a boiler quote in less than 3 minutes and they will get an immediate call-back from a licensed and registered installer or plumber nearby who works within a 5 mile radius. Otherwise, they will be directed to our call centre who may ask further questions to narrow down their requirements.

The service is currently free to use for customers with Warmable taking an introductory fee from the engineer or installer upon the successful sale of a new customer.

The company has an ambitious target of serving 5,000 customers in its first year, believing it will save the UK and Scotland more than £1 million in boiler service fees, with extra interest expected during the cold winter months.