Classical music has been a popular choice for weddings for many years. Why? Let me clarify. You want to make your wedding day as memorable and meaningful as possible, as it is one of the most significant days of your life. Classical music provides a feeling of richness and elegance to any wedding or party style. Isn’t it? This can be accomplished by employing classical musicians to perform at your wedding reception.

But wedding reception planning involves other factors. Those? The venue, music, performers, etc. Selecting the right wedding music is very important. That’s why I’m blogging. In this comprehensive blog piece, I’ve listed the six greatest classical wedding musicians in the UK in 2023 for your wedding or a friend’s. I also write intriguing tips and tricks.

Why should you choose the classical music genre to play at your wedding party? Because classical songs can inspire emotions and create an intimate atmosphere. This thing mainly makes it a popular choice for people who want a sophisticated and romantic ceremony. This blog post will discuss more on our selected top 6 classical musicians for weddings in 2023, as well as give you hiring recommendations. Let’s investigate this blog in depth.

List of The Best 6 Classical Musicians for Weddings


  1. London Capital String Quartet
  2. Nouveau String Quartet
  3. Ardino String Quartet
  4. All Strings Quartet

Classical Guitarists:

  1. Thomas B
  2. Daniel P

The Best Quartets for Weddings and Events:

I assume you know what a quartet actually is. However, for those who don’t know, a quartet is nothing more than a four-member musical group. This musical group consists of four members, and they are very good at playing classical, pop-rock, jazz, stage and screen, or Bollywood music.

Quartet can be a popular arrangement for many other styles of music, including classical and jazz genres. So why is the quartet so important? Because it offers a balanced and intimate sound. And it facilitates complex interplay between musicians and more harmonious performances. And for this reason, the trend of hiring a quartet as a musical group is also very common. Let’s see some of the best quartets you can hire for weddings or corporate events in England.

London Capital String Quartet:

Have you ever heard of London Capital String Quartet? Didn’t you? It is an excellent team of highly respected and accomplished classical musicians who perform at various corporate events, from weddings to international events all over England. Now, you have the idea, right?

The nice thing about this renowned quartet is that it has a large collection of classical and contemporary songs, and they will entertain your invited wedding guests with their melodious and magical music throughout the occasion.

With years of musical expertise, the London Capital String Quartet has refined its artistic abilities. So, their flawless performances will undoubtedly bring a special touch to your wedding celebration.

Whether performing in enormous concert halls, small chamber settings, or on very private occasions, I can assure you that they will always produce a captivating and memorable performance on your occasion.

Audiences worldwide have long praised the London Capital String Quartet for their superb musicianship and flawless manner, not just in England.

The London Capital String Quartet is, without a doubt, one of the brightest stars in classical world. Their performances are not only technically brilliant but also emotionally stunning. And they are eloquent enough to captivate and mesmerize your wedding guests.

Even more, you can choose your song and request that they perform at your wedding, and they will honour your request. Moreover, if you want to know the names of the top classical musicians for your wedding, then I would recommend them. Many thanks to UK Live Entertainment for negotiating the hiring of such a beautiful quartet.

Nouveau String Quartet:

The second string quartet I shall discuss now is the Nouveau String Quartet. Also, they are a renowned music ensemble in England. From Bach to Coldplay, Mozart to Franc Sinatra, they have an extensive collection of musical works.

You can hire them very easily from the UK Live Entertainment’s page approximately ₤670 or less to provide classical songs and music during your wedding party. In addition to weddings, they perform at partnership gatherings, corporate events, and private functions.

This ensemble is mostly composed of and directed by four renowned musicians. And they are trained in some of the most famous conservatories in the United Kingdom. If desired, you can design a bespoke music list for your wedding ceremony, and the Capital String Quartet in London,  they will gladly fulfill your demand.

Ardino String Quartet:

Whether it’s corporate parties, private events, weddings, birthday parties, or garden parties, the Ardino String Quartet is always by your side to entertain your invited guests.

The Arduino String Quartet is the most popular of London’s famous music ensembles. Whatever event you host, the Arduino String Quartet will be the best of all time. And hiring them will cost you only £680 or less.

This music group has a collection of many popular Jewish wedding songs. So if you want to present a Jewish wedding song in your wedding ceremony, then the Arduino String Quartet will be the best selection. They also have a collection of beautiful Christmas songs, so you can inquire about them for any occasion of your choice.

All Strings Quartet:

If you want to hire classical wedding musicians, then the All String Quartet can be the best selection to play your requested songs. This is one of the best wedding quartets that can play popular songs or popular classical music for any wedding or event. From traditional classical music to modern songs, this group of musicians is really professional and will give your ceremony an extra dimension.

They are available to hire from UK Live Entertainment for only ₤720 to perform on your big day. This renowned quartet is mainly available for hire throughout the southern regions of England.

The Best Classical Guitarists and Soloists for Live Classical Music:

Live music for a cocktail reception can be a good idea. This definitely makes wedding entertainment more memorable and enjoyable. Along with classical guitarists, you can also hire a harpist, a duo band, or a violinist with a huge collection of the best repertoire. Many people like to hire duo bands, but I will discuss some of the greatest soloists in all of England who have been performing in many musical theater productions for many years. Because they have the ability to make your wedding ambience more perfect with an acoustic guitar.

Thomas B:

If you are looking for classical musicians in the UK, then hiring a professional acoustic guitarist can be a very affordable option to meet your wedding entertainment budget.

If you were planning a corporate event or wedding for a buddy, Thomas would be the classical guitarist of choice. Thomas is a talented vocalist, and for a number of years, he has performed large live concerts throughout London.

Thomas can play the ideal music for your wedding if you so desire, and he can alter his musical style or song selection at any time. Not only does he play acoustic guitars, but he also sings (He’s the best singer I’ve ever met! ), enhancing the enjoyment of your gathering.

Thomas began playing the guitar as a toddler and has a vast repertoire of songs. His vast musical repertoire includes Classical, Spanish, Latin, Jazz, and contemporary Pop songs. Thomas is remarkable in that he always communicates with his clients to ensure that each event has a flawless playlist to make it more engaging (Thanks to Thomas, especially).

If you need a classical guitarist for a forthcoming event but have a limited budget, you may simply book him for less than £300 from UK Live Entertainment. Sure, that is the most economical option for you!

Daniel P:

Daniel is a superb and renowned acoustic guitarist. He is also considered England’s most popular singer and is available for less than £300 to perform at any event. Daniel is really at home playing acoustic guitar and singing classical songs (on any occasion, like corporate parties, wedding ceremonies, garden party events, etc.). Why? Because he has been doing this for about ten years. And he has a wide range of classical songs in his repertoire.

It can be a birthday party, a wedding celebration, or just a get-together with friends; an acoustic solo guitarist can make the occasion more memorable, enjoyable, and a hit, absolutely! Why?  Because a good solo acoustic guitarist usually has the abilities and instruments (like a classical guitar) to play any style of music and sing any preferred classical song, you’ll definitely have a wide range of songs to choose from for your event.

If you’re looking for something different, unique, and great, consider hiring Daniel as an acoustic solo guitarist. The way he plays music is just great. He can also play music in the background during the morning wedding breakfast or the evening wedding dinner. He will just amaze everyone and make your party stand out.

Why Choose Classical Wedding Musicians for Your Wedding

Your wedding is a wonderful occasion that demands meticulous planning to ensure that every detail is flawless. Selecting the appropriate entertainment for your ceremony and reception is crucial to achieving the desired ambience. Due to the elegance and sophistication that they bring to the occasion, classical wedding musicians are a favorite choice for many couples.

The eternal character of classical music makes it an ideal choice for weddings. It has a long tradition of eliciting emotion and fostering a romantic ambiance, which will enhance the significance of your special day. Skilled classical musicians can perform lovely pieces of background music at your wedding that will touch the hearts of you and your guests.

Classical wedding musicians can bring a degree of professionalism that is difficult to find elsewhere. Frequently, they are highly skilled musicians who have spent years perfecting their craft. They are able to interpret the tone of the occasion and alter their performance accordingly, ensuring that the music complements the atmosphere of the ceremony or reception.

Classical wedding music is a diverse option that may accommodate a variety of interests. Whether you like the seriousness of a string quartet or the majesty of a full orchestra, classical musicians can cater to your preferences and create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

That’s why choosing classical wedding musicians is a wonderful way to bring elegance and sophistication to your special occasion. Their proficiency, professionalism, and adaptability make them a great choice for any wedding ceremony or reception.

How to Hire Classical Musicians for Your Wedding

It is simple to hire classical musicians for your wedding if you visit the UK Live Entertainment website. They have a variety of classically trained musicians that are available to perform at weddings and other events. To hire classical musicians from the internet, begin by perusing their roster of artists. You can evaluate their style and expertise by listening to audio clips, viewing videos, and reading reviews.

Contact the website once you’ve discovered a performer or group you like to inquire about their availability and costs. Provide the musician with information about your wedding, including the date, time, and location, so that they can provide an exact estimate. You should also communicate any specific requests or preferences you have, such as songs or instruments you wish to include in the performance.

If you accept the reservation terms on their website, they will handle all wedding arrangements. Relax, sit back, and enjoy the wonderful music that will help you and your loved ones remember your wedding day forever.

5 Tips on Hiring Classical Musicians for Weddings

Here are five awesome tips for hiring classical musicians for your big day.

Start early: 

Before choosing, take time to investigate, listen to audio clips, and read reviews.

Consider the venue:

Consider the venue and acoustics when hiring classical wedding musicians. Make sure your musicians fit the space and have the equipment to play well.

Be clear about your expectations:

Clear expectations when selecting classical musicians for your wedding Discuss the music, artists, and songs you wish to include in the show.

Get a quote:

Request a quote before hiring classical wedding musicians. To budget, comprehend fees and other costs like travel.

Read past clients’ reviews:

Browse reviews and ask for recommendations to find the greatest classical wedding musicians. This will demonstrate the musicians’ skill and professionalism.

Wrap up:

In conclusion, classical music has long been a popular selection for weddings since it provides an exquisite and refined ambiance. Employing classical musicians for your wedding can make it even more memorable and meaningful. That’s why in this comprehensive blog I included the London Capital String Quartet, Nouveau String Quartet, Ardino String Quartet, Thomas B, and Daniel P in its list of the top six classical performers in the United Kingdom for weddings in 2023. I tried to provide the best  recommendations for hiring classical musicians, such as reserving their services in advance and reviewing their repertoire. Finally, choosing the ideal classical musicians may add a memorable touch to a wedding, and this article intends to assist readers in selecting the finest musicians for their big day.