Paisley does fairly well when it comes to high-speed internet rollout, but it still doesn’t quite measure among the best in Scotland. Major providers like Plusnet and Sky offer regular download speeds of around 50 Mbps, which can fail to deliver in larger households. Enter Starlink, with its various packages which offer high-speed connections not just locally, but internationally. Users looking to change or upgrade their internet plans take note, as Starlink could be just what you need. Whether you’re into video streaming, playing casino games, or just browsing, there are some advantages to this system that should be taken seriously.

What Speed is Enough?

Speeds of around 50 Mbps will be enough for most uses and users, including the big three of browsing, video streaming, and casino gaming. As it so happens, modern online casino gaming involves all three of these aspects. For a demonstration of the most common and popular approach, consider what this speed could do for users who want to play online slots. The popular games on this website like Cleopatra and Book of Wonga require little in the way of bandwidth. Around 5 Mbps will be enough for browsing, loading, and playing these titles, on both desktops and connected mobiles. Even the more intensive titles on this service, those which stream live dealers, won’t require more than 20 Mbps to operate at top quality. With this in mind, the entire experience will fun flawlessly at 50 Mbps speeds, at least provided the internet connection is reliable

The complications arrive when multiple users or uses are introduced into a single online connection. Multiple users will essentially divide the connection speed between active systems, often in an uneven way. One user downloading a large file might take almost all of a 50 Mbps connection, for example, meaning users on even low-demand online casino services could suffer slower loading. Higher speeds are often recommended in larger households for this reason, and this is where Starlink can help.

What is Starlink?

Starlink is a satellite internet service that uses much faster technology than traditional satellite solutions. Starlink uses a wide net of close satellites rather than singular geostationary systems, which means faster download speeds (between 100-200 Mbps) and, just as importantly, lower latencies. Latency measures the time it takes for a signal to make a round trip, which can be around 400 milliseconds with older satellite systems. This delay can make even experiences that don’t require quick reflexes like digital slots feel slow. The satellite net that transmits Starlink’s signal continually grows as more are added, so speeds could get even faster over time.

Not tied to physical cables, Starlink can be used in remote locations. The new global version of the system can even be moved around, allowing users to take their connection over multiple countries and continents. Advantages like these can make it a powerful solution for many users, but it’s not without potential downsides.

For one thing, requiring a connection to the sky means Starlink needs a clear field of view. Users who are surrounded by trees or buildings might find a hard time connecting, and bad weather can also cause poor performance. Performance drops could be minor enough that video streaming quality decreases, or major enough that even reliable web pages fail to load, or slot games disconnect and need to be restarted.

Whether you’re a casino player, a movie enthusiast, or you’re considering working from home, if you need new internet, Starlink is worth a look. Full of potential for the right user in the right place, these systems have already seen profound international success. Compare it against the other internet services like fibre that Paisley has to offer, and you might find your new online home.