Most football fans will appreciate and acknowledge that the Rangers vs Celtic game is not only one of the biggest in Scottish football, it is also one of the biggest in the world. Whilst the ‘Old Firm’ fixtures are the most heated and passionate in the league, there are some other matches that can be just as passionate and hostile on the field and in the stands. 

With Scottish football being one of the earliest nations to play football, some of these local rivalries go back as early as 1880 which is quite remarkable and not to be understated.

Here are the biggest rivalries and games in Scottish football that are still played today outside of Rangers vs Celtic. 

  1. Hearts v Hibernian – The Edinburgh derby

The name Edinburgh derby is given to any fixture between Heart of Midlothian (Hearts) and Hibernian (Hibs), two of the oldest teams in Scottish football. The rivalry goes back to the mid 1870’s when both teams were formed making it one of the oldest in world football. 

The atmosphere in the stadiums, usually Easter Road or Tynecastle is electric and a hostile environment for the away supporters. Often this game is played in the first week of January and is a must see, both in the stands and on television. This game in particular is often sold-out as one of the biggest on the football calendar, fans can find additional availabilty via websites such as Seat Compare which provide listings of all Premier League tickets including hospitality options.

  1. Dundee v Dundee United – The Dundee Derby

The Dundee clubs are the closest grounds geographically in all of British football, only 0.2 miles separates the stadiums making this a unique fixture. Whether the match is at Dens Park and Tannadice Park, fans are passionate about the game and desperately want their team to win.  

  1. Kilmarnock v Ayr United – Ayrshire derby

The Ayrshire Derby games between both Ayrshire based clubs: Kilmarnock and Ayr United. This rivalry goes back over 100 years to 1910, the year Ayr United was formed. A great game to be at with local fans supporting their local teams. Games like the Ayrshire derby are special because they are completely different from the English Premier League in which teams like Manchester City are using their financial dominance to allegedly breach rules set by the league. Experience a game between these two clubs, it is the reason why football on a local level can be as enjoyable as the major tournament matches. 

  1. Rangers v Aberdeen

For fans outside of Scotland, this rivalry might not be known but Rangers vs Aberdeen is one of the biggest in the Scottish Premier League. Whilst located in different areas of the countries and mixed fortunes on the club, this game is hostile for away fans and the atmosphere on par with other derbies in the UK. 

  1. St Mirren v Morton – Renfrewshire derby

The Renfrewshire derby is any match played between local rivals Greenock Morton and St Mirren. This game is an example of what makes Scottish football fascinating, two smaller teams with passionate fans creating an amazing atmosphere in the stadium. This local rivalry goes back to the 1880’s and still today, tickets sell-out for the matches. 

Whilst there are several other games including Falkirk v Dunfermline that can make the list, the games above are considered the top five in Scottish football outside of the Celtic vs Rangers rivalry. 


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