Nearly six million properties in the UK are at risk of being flooded. If you are moving into one of them, it is essential you know how a flood can damage your new home.

ICE Cleaning is a specialist cleaning company that provides flood restoration services. Its technicians are flood experts that can remove all the water, dry out your property, and restore it as close as possible to its original condition. They can be on site in several hours in an emergency.

Keep reading to find out the dangers of flooding, and what preventative measures you can put in place.

Flooding can bring health risks into your home

Flood water can be polluted by hazardous substances, including sewage, chemicals, and animal faeces. Should you touch or consume it, you are vulnerable to a range of bacteria, viruses, and infectious diseases. It could also put you and others at risk of injuries, or even drowning.

After the water has been removed and your property is dry, your home must be cleaned thoroughly. This ensures any bacteria left behind by flood water has been removed so it is safe to live in. It is important all damp is removed, too, to reduce the chance of a mould outbreak.

Only professionals should attempt flood damage cleaning. ICE Cleaning’s technicians have the specialist products and equipment to clean up your property so you can be sure it is a safe environment.

It can damage your property

Flood water can cause long term structural damage, affect building materials, ruin possessions, and incur huge costs when it comes to repairs and replacements.  

  • When insulation in walls gets wet, it can be less effective and might cause mould
  • Submerged plug sockets, switches, and electric appliances must be checked by a professional to verify they are safe to use
  • Furniture that is contaminated by flood water will be very difficult to clean, and might need to be thrown out
  • Water can erode soil underneath your house and cause the foundation to shift, lift, or crack

How to reduce the risk of flooding

There are lots of ways to minimise the damage to your property during a flood. When looking into new properties in areas at risk of flooding, look for precautions like:

  • Flood-proofed windows and doors
  • Paths and driveways that have been landscaped for floods
  • Tile, stone, and wooden flooring
  • Sockets positioned above worst-case flood level lines

Or, put them in yourself when you move in. Not only will it reduce the chances of flood damage should one occur, it might also increase the value of the property.

ICE Cleaning’s technicians can make your property a safe, dry, and clean home again. They are flood and water damage specialists that are available 24/7, 365 days a year.

You can find out more about their diverse range of cleaning services here.