If you are planning a business trip or want to protect your children, have an important meeting, or go out to a highly crowded area. The help of a personal bodyguard will not be an excessive measure. People hire security services if they feel their life might be in danger, and you don’t need to be the president or a show-business star to protect your life. By choosing the suitable security service you will get to pick from different types of bodyguards: drivers, men or women, etc. You will also receive a bodyguard personal alarm: a small and loud device to confuse the attacker and call the bodyguard. Let’s see what a Security Holding Company can offer you.

The Security Holding Company services

The duties of a bodyguard will include responsibilities depending on a chosen set of services. The base package includes:

  1. Personal or group following by bodyguard across the city for an unlimited amount of time. They will escort a person or a company to any kind of public event: meetings, business trips, concerts, and so on.
  2. A bodyguard driver (you must provide your car for this service). 

Other sets of packages also offer:

  1. First aid was provided by a bodyguard.
  2. Personal driver (you don’t have to give your own car)
  3. Planning of the route and several additional options in case of the following or other emergencies. 
  4. Using licensed traumatic weapons.
  5. Elimination of approximate threats by checking the buildings or other spaces that which client needs to visit. Prevention of unknown persons from the approach, 
  6. Travels outside the city or country.
  7. Providing defensive driving techniques in case of emergency. 

We use more than 60 rapid response services and provide personal bodyguards in 9 of the most populated areas in Ukraine.

The cost of services and more about Security Holding Company

A lot of people choose a bodyguard based on the stereotypes from movies. It is supposed to be a big guy in a black suit and sunglasses who doesn’t talk and walk like a golem around. In real life, things are a bit different. Usually, protection services are hiring bodyguards based on their physical training as well as the ability to critically think and respond adequately to any kind of emergency. This means that you can choose the bodyguard only by looking at their overall related job experience and the ability to comprehend they are supposed to be in the right state, both physically and mentally. 

The Security Holding Company has 10 years of experience in protecting different kinds of clients from various situations. You can choose from three pricing plans, the cost of which will be discussed personally with customer support. The price may depend on your needs and condition as well as the terms, so it is hard to calculate the average cost. If you have some specific requirements you can also get acquainted with your potential protector before hiring them. Each bodyguard from the company provides professional escort services, knows how to provide first aid, and emergency driving techniques, are equipped with traumatic weapons, and undergoes professional bodyguard training. They know how to protect your health or life from kidnapping, attack, stalking, or prevent a murder attempt.