European hospitals are quite attractive to medical tourists. They employ top-class specialists, have state-of-the-art equipment, and use the latest treatment methods for diseases that are effective, reliable, safe, and minimally traumatic. You can undergo your treatment in Europe by first choosing a medical care program on the Booking Health website. On our website, you can see the best hospitals in Europe, compare prices at different hospitals, and make an appointment with the required doctor.

What diseases can be treated in Europe?

Doctors in Europe treat anything, from rashes on the face to rare forms of oncology. Most patients prefer to have their treatment in another country only if they have severe diseases that require top-class medical care.

The most common areas of medical tourism are the following:

Oncology. At German clinics and medical facilities in other Western European countries, doctors successfully cure more than half of all cancer cases. They perform modern operations that are organ-preserving whenever possible. In the early stages, minimally invasive interventions can be performed through short skin incisions or through natural body openings. The best medical centers offer robot-assisted surgery. Cancer Centers abroad use the latest methods of radiation therapy, which are very accurate and safe. They use innovative technologies for cancer treatment, such as chemoembolization and radioembolization, cancer vaccines, CAR T-cell therapy, stem cell transplants, radiotargeted therapy, and other techniques.

Cardiac surgery. People come to Europe to undergo heart surgery and minimally invasive procedures through blood vessels (endovascular or percutaneous techniques). In developed countries, it is possible not only to implant a pacemaker or stents into coronary arteries through an endovascular access but also to perform plastic surgery or even heart valve replacement.

Neurosurgery and spinal surgery. It is best to have surgery on the brain and spine at a good hospital in order not only to cure the disease but also to avoid aggravation of the neurological deficit. European hospitals use state-of-the-art equipment, including neuronavigation systems, powerful operating microscopes, intraoperative radiation diagnostics, and neuromonitoring. As a result, operations are not only effective but also safe here.

Orthopedics. Many patients come to Europe to undergo joint replacement surgery, cure chronic musculoskeletal diseases, or undergo surgery for sports injuries. The majority of interventions in European orthopedic centers are performed through several millimeter-long punctures in the joint area using a minimally invasive arthroscopic method.

Organization of treatment in Europe

If you want to go to Europe for your treatment, there are no obstacles to your trip. All you need to do is visit the Booking Health website and leave your request. The company’s specialists will contact you and advise you on all issues. They will also help you choose a hospital and organize your trip.

The Booking Health website specifies the cost of medical services available in Europe. On our website, you can compare prices at different hospitals and choose the most suitable option. Due to the lack of high taxes for foreign patients, treatment will cost you less than when contacting the hospital directly. The specialists from the Booking Health company will book hotel and airline tickets for you, meet you at the airport in Europe, and take you to the hospital by car.