Sometimes we need to move quickly, whether that is because of a sudden exchange, an emergency situation, or an opportunity that could not be missed. When that happens, the huge task of moving can feel impossible. Please know, though, that it isn’t. This can totally be done, and without a whole heap of stress, Here’s how:

Invest In Affordable Self Storage

Affordable self storage is a bit of a godsend in the event of a last minute house move. You basically pay a reasonable amount of money for a flexible, safe and secure space to utilise as you need to throughout the move. Be sure to shop around and compare storage prices in order to get the best deal. You can put everything into the space whilst you clean your current home, and your new home. You can also hold items whilst you renovate, whilst you have the time to sell them, and even if it is very last minute, transport everything without packing it so it is somewhere safe until there is time to declutter and place items properly.

Put The Pets Into A Cattery/ Kennels

If you can, put any pets away into a cattery or kennels. It may sound extreme, but the process of moving can be stressful, especially if everything is extremely last minute. If you can pop the animals into a place where they feel safe and cared for, you can get on with packing and cleaning and fetch them when they can settle into the new place.

Utilise All The Help You Can Get

Don’t be afraid to call in all the favours from all the friends and family you have ever helped in the past. This is a last minute, emergency situation and the more hands on, the more likely you are to get everything sorted out properly. This includes help with cleaning, packing, driving, lifting, organising – just have a big box of crisps, biscuits and keep that kettle going and you’ll have a team behind you who are happy to help without you having to pay a penny.

Pay For A Deep Clean

If you have some funds available to pay for a deep clean, it could be really handy for both your current home and the house you are moving into. It helps protect you against issues with deposits or new buyers picking fault with how you left the house. It also feels nicer to leave a home clean, and to move into a fresh and clean home. Because cleaners are highly qualified and have the tools, techniques and solutions to get the job done quickly, they are also likely to do the deep clean much quicker and more effectively than you.

Invest In Professional Help If You Can

Bringing in experts like a removals company is a really good idea because they know exactly what they are doing, and how to do it quickly. The issue is, it can be costly, whether you have them do all the packing and moving, or just a portion of it.

But, if you can afford it, it will save you so much time and energy and basically get the whole job done for you without any stress at all.

Get All Of The Supplies For Packing

Interruptions in the packing process can slow things down, especially if your home is being packed up over a weekend. Go out and get boxes, packing tape, labels, bin bags, cleaning supplies and anything else that could be helpful so that you can crack on with packing and avoid having to keep popping out for more supplies. If you can, try to have a ‘packed area’ so you can see your progress, and so things stay organised. You may want to take a car load of packed boxes to your self storage unit at a time, too, so you’re clearing space and emptying rooms rather than replacing your stuff with packed boxes. Find out about self storage costs in your area, they vary within the UK.

Get Time Off Work

This is not always possible, but if you can get a week off work you can dedicate all your time to moving, which will make things a lot less stressful. If that isn’t possible, see how much time you can get off work to help with the moving process. Even a couple of days to dedicate to the move will be helpful and take the strain off the timeframe you have for moving.

Know Your Rights

Do make sure you allow yourself as much time as possible for the move. If this is a short notice situation, you can still ask for more time, or at the very least, demand a certain amount of time for the move. It depends if you are selling, buying, renting etc but in most cases you can ask for a certain amount of time to relocate. With rentals, though, this can be as little as a couple of months by law, although you can ask for longer and if the landlord can, they should give you a longer period of time to find a place.

 Take Care

When things like moving house are rushed, illness and accidents happen. Something as simple as hurting your back picking up a big box, or forgetting to eat and sleep well and catching a cold can actually cause the whole move to be even more challenging. This is an urgent situation but taking five minutes to get help moving a box, or to eat a nice snack, or get an extra hour’s sleep, can only help you stay in the best shape to handle this kind of challenging situation.

Are You Ready To Move Quickly?

A quick and last minute house move is a challenge, but it is not impossible. Take care of yourself, know your rights, get your friends and family to help, and utilise services like local self storage. This will be stressful but very soon you’ll be happily in a new place able to relax and start making new memories and this will all have been worth it.