As per the worldwide web technology surveys report on November 5th 2022, by W3Techs concerning the extensive use of server-side programming languages, PHP is at 77.4% while is at 7.6%. Also, in the list of 1000K top-ranking websites, 76.1% use PHP and 10.1% use Judging by the statistics, it is easy to identify PHP as the most popular tool, But does it work well for your project?

Website and app developers cannot rely only on statistics to choose the right technological stack for a project. Their profitability depends on website or app performance, scalability, cost, and long-term support and maintenance. So, how will you decide between PHP and

Both server-side programming languages receive plenty of attention from developers, but the web or app developer must thoroughly know PHP and to differentiate and choose between the two. And that’s where this post offers suitable guidance.

What is PHP in Web Development?

PHP: Hypertext preprocessor is an open-source coding language server-side programming language. Launched in 1994, it is compatible with MAC, LINUX, Windows and several other operating systems (OS). 

It is the right tool for a beginner because it is easier to learn and master. It is a popular tool, and presently it is the coding language for about 4,635,972 websites, including Facebook and MailChimp.

ASP.NET Framework for Developing Web Applications and Services

In January 2022, Microsoft launched the Active Server Pages Network Enabled Technologies (ASP.NET). The open-source server-side web application framework has several valuable features, one of which is asynchronous programming which is also the reason for its speed.

ASP.NET works with Windows, Linux, Mac, and Docker operating systems, and the programmer can use any .NET language for coding for its base in Common Language Runtime (CLR). ASP.NET is a complex language, and mastering it can take years, so ASP.NET coders are challenging to find.

Presently 1,565,554 websites use ASP.NET, including GoDaddy, Visual Studio, StackOverflow, DELL, and Microsoft, StackOverflow.

ASP.NET vs PHP– Which One Will Work for You?

If a developer must know which programming languages work for their projects, they must analyze their features depending on specific parameters. ASP.NET is a Microsoft offering, but PHP has better acceptability. 

Which one will work for you? Scroll down for several other differences between the two programming languages with your project criterion in mind to make the right choice. 

One is Free; the Other is Licensed

ASP.Net is a licensed Microsoft product; an organization must pay to use it. Meanwhile, Rasmus Lerdorf’s creation, PHP, is an open-source language that is free to use. ‘

ASP.NET receives support from Microsoft’s Active Server Pages. But PHP is a script-based coding language that developers insert into HTML to generate dynamic apps and websites.

Cost Effective

PHP is a cost-effective option for small organizations and startups as it is a free tool. Meanwhile, the licensed paid ASP.Net is a better option for large organizations willing to pay for a secure solution.

Market Share

SimilarTech says 5.8% of the top 10K sites use ASP.NET, while 11.52% of the top 10K sites use PHP. Also, the market share of PHP on the entire web is 6.62%, while ASP.NET has only 2.24% of the market share.

Sector-wise Usage

The SimilarTech study also reveals that ASP.NET leads in usage only in one sector. In contrast, PHP leads in several industries, including Science & Education, Arts & Entertainment, Computers, Electronics & Technology, etc.

Geographically ASP.NET tops the table only in China, while PHP leads in over 160 countries.

Excellent tool for Startups or Larger Organizations?

Startups require a fast, well-performing and cost-effective website, and PHP fulfils all three conditions and is an indispensable tool for small businesses. Large businesses demand more secure systems, which PHP cannot offer, and they thus choose the licensed and paid server-side programming language, ASP.Net.

Difference in Solutions

PHP concentrate on providing customized services to its users. It provides a framework and programming platform for apps and websites. At the same time, ASP.Net provides more functional and security-oriented solutions. It is loaded with customizable features and works well with .NET programming frameworks. 

Support from User Community

Several developers have switched to ASP.NET because it is more scalable and faster than PHP. However, it is challenging to learn, so professional ASP.Net developers are fewer than PHP developers. Relatively PHP is easier to understand, and hence a large community works on PHP, which is why PHP has more extensive support. As there are numerous PHP developers, they are easy to find.

Secure Programing Language

PHP is a secure but open-source scripted language. Therefore there is a possibility of a security breach. ASP.NET alerts users of bugs before compilation, helping them to eliminate them and making it a more secure programming language. Thus ASP.NET works better for safe and functional desktop apps, while PHP works more efficiently for user interface apps.

Which one is Faster?

There are two reasons why ASP.NET may be faster than PHP. First, developers generally use C# to write ASP.NET; second, it is a pre-compiled framework. ASP.NET is compatible with Windows, but the developer can only run it on the Microsoft server.

But the deployment of PHP is must faster, and it works on any server, but it is an interpretable language and thus fast but less fast than ASP.NET. Therefore, ASP.NET may be faster for larger projects, while PHP may be better for small projects.

Which of the two is more Customizable?

ASP.NET works with Object Oriented Programming System (OOPS) and cannot be customized. Meanwhile, PHP comprises excellent customizable features and easily adapts to HTML code. But the customization can result in bugs and less efficient coding compared to ASP.NET.

The Choice Between ASP.NET vs PHP

It is clear from the above analogy that both are versatile technologies with varying benefits. The only way to decide between ASP.Net and PHP is to analyze the project requirement and check to seek the advantage.

For instance, ASP.Net is the right choice if security is a primary concern. ASP.Net provides various customizable features to create a secure environment for speedy software development. Thus, it is suitable for enterprise-level or large, well-established organizations. Moreover, ASP.Net is an offering from a prominent and trustworthy name in the tech world – Microsoft and can do most of the website or app-building work, for it is a complete web-developing tech stack.

PHP is a free, open-source programming language and thus works well for small organizations and startups. Besides, it has been around for over five years resulting in several improvisations to better proficiency. Skilled PHP talent is relatively easy to find; thus, small organizations can hire PHP developers who focus on speed and performance while building a website or app for a small business.

Wrapping up

Both ASP.NET and PHP are server-side programming languages that are similar to each other. Nevertheless, they differ slightly. And it is these differences that can help you decide on the right tool. Consider your project and know which of the two will be more functional by reading through an in-depth comparison of the two in the article.