Bingo is one game that’s well and truly stood the test of time, and evolved through the ever-changing world we live in. Now, it’s become more accessible to the masses by evolving into a digital form, as well as still being available in original, physical form.

With this in mind, we wanted to take a closer look at the Bingo calls shouted out when announcing which number players will need to daub or cross out on their Bingo card. This is for both playing in person down your local Bingo Hall or club, or whilst looking to play Bingo slots online.

This article explores the significance of even numbers in bingo. For payment convenience, Apple Pay casinoer at offers seamless transactions.

To make things more interesting, we wanted to explore only the even numbers and their Bingo calls – will you join us?

2 – One little duck – References the fact that the number two looks like a duck.

4 – Knock at the door – Rhymes with four. Players will occasionally reply with “who’s there?”.

6 – Half a dozen – 12 is known as a dozen. Half of 12 is six.

8 – Garden gate – Not only does it rhyme with eight, but it’s said to have been a code word in history, refereeing to a secret meeting or drop off point.

10 – [first name of current prime minister]’s den – References 10 Downing Street. Callers simply insert the current UK prime minister’s name to keep it up to date.

12 – A dozen – 12 is known as dozen.

14 – Valentine’s Day – References Valentine’s Day falling on 14 February.

16 – Sweet Sixteen – References the saying when someone turns 16.

18 – Coming of age – References the age at which the law sees you as an adult.

20 – Get plenty – Rhymes with 20.

22 – Two little ducks – References the fact the number two looks like a duck, and here there’s two of them.

24 – Two dozen – With 12 known as a dozen, two 12s are 24.

26 – Half a crown – The UK used to have a currency that included crowns, shillings and sixpences. Half a crown was made up of two shillings and half a sixpence – two and six.

28 – In a state – References the cockney slang used within the UK – “he was in a right two and eight”.

30 – Dirty Gertie – References a song sung by soldiers during World War II.

32 – Buckle my shoe – Rhymes with 32.

34 – Ask for more – Rhymes with 34.

36 – Three dozen – Three lots of 12 is 36.

38 – Christmas cake – References a cockney rhyming slang term.

40 – Life begins – References the saying ‘Life begins at 40’.

42 – Winnie the Pooh – References the fictional character created by British author A. A. Milne.

44 – Droopy draws – References the fact that two fours resemble someone with sagging trousers.

46 – Up to tricks – Rhymes with 46.

48 – Four dozen – Four 12s are 48.

50 – Half a century – 100 years is known as a century, half of 100 is 50.

Have we mentioned your favourite Bingo call in the list above? Or can it be found in the even numbers between 52 and 90?