Every family has its own unique Christmas traditions. While the main Christmas experiences and activities are consistent for every culture and community, individual families tend to have their own interpretation of how certain traditions should be done, and every family will have its own specific thing to do that makes their Christmas special and unique.

One of the great things about having kids and starting a new family is the opportunity to pass on your family traditions to your little ones, as well as the chance to start a few new ones of your own! From when you do your Christmas shopping to when you open your gifts, and even where you want to spend Christmas day itself, putting your own spin on Christmas is one of the best parts of growing your family.

So whether you choose to spend Christmas in front of a roaring fire at home, at a swanky restaurant, or even if you want to take a cruise deal to Europe and celebrate abroad, here are a few inspirations for great Christmas traditions to start with your kids.

Take a different approach to gifts

Although the meaning of Christmas is about more than consumerism, gift-giving is still a fun and thoughtful thing to do, and it is important to teach your kids the joy of giving. If you want to put your own spin on the traditional idea of Christmas gifts, why not organize a family Secret Santa, so that everyone gets a gift but you avoid the excess that sometimes comes with Christmas? It is also a great idea to get your kids involved in the shopping experience, as well as getting them to wrap their own presents and write their own cards. For something totally different, why not buy gifts for a charity gift drive as well, and add even more goodwill to your celebrations?

Start a new Christmas Eve tradition

Christmas Even sometimes gets overlooked with the excitement of Christmas Day, so why not start a new family tradition for the night before the big day? You could watch a festive film, bake together as a family, or go to an atmospheric Midnight Mass. Or if you want to splash out and make it even more memorable, you could book a table at a swanky restaurant or even spend the night in a hotel!

Spend Christmas abroad

While many families like to be at home for Christmas, going on vacation over the holiday can be a great way to celebrate, and lets you make every Christmas tradition your own. Going abroad for Christmas can be extremely exciting, with the chance to experience another culture’s way of celebrating, as well as offering unusual places to spend the big day. Christmas on the beach might be hard to wrap your head around at first, but it can be a pretty delightful way to celebrate the season!

Do something different on Christmas Day

One of the best things about Christmas Day is the chance to spend quality time together with friends, family, and all of your loved ones. But it doesn’t mean that you have to do the same thing as everyone else, or that you have to stay cooped up in the house! Christmas Day can be a way to have fun as a family and get out and about, by going for a long walk together, visiting a Christmas market, or planning a festive activity like ice skating!

Christmas traditions can be whatever you want them to be, and one of the best things about celebrating Christmas as a family is the chance to do the holiday your own way and make memories that are unique to you!