The purpose of a game is to release oxytocins and make us feel relaxed and calm in our endeavors. While the wrong kind of games can lead to procrastination, insightful games can stimulate the brain to function more efficiently. Today, we shall discuss about 5 of such games that you can play to sharpen your brain.

Wordie — If you’re not living under a cave, it is highly unlikely that you haven’t heard about a legendary game called ‘wordie’. An effective way to test one’s vocabulary and command over words, the game trains our brain to look for clues and patterns. The availability of colors and angles make the game stand out when compared to other similar games based on logic, like Hangman. 

The rules are simple, as a player you have to guess the word, select it and then press enter. The game’s visual trays in the form of tiles shall depict whether you got it right in the first place or not. One can play the game with family and friends, or even play with a computer alone in case they want to challenge their own capacities.

Lumosity — The thing that distinguishes normal individuals from the exceptional ones is the brain power. Exceptional individuals exercise their brain cells to unlock greater output and that makes all the difference. Lumosity, a game available in Android, iOS and Amazon Alexa as well — aids the cause.

Designed as an interactive brain training program, Lumosity comprises a large variety of games that test various aspects of a cognitive mind right from processing speed, memory captures, attention control, problem solving skills, focus and others. The program tags itself as “the online school for the mind” and the games live up to that tag! 

Slot Machines — The slots and the casinos like garuda have existed since early civilizations walked out on earth. The shiny bright consoles that keep us hooked to our imaginations and the permutations, Slot games are what keeps the brain functioning at a proactive level. The other great thing about slot gaming is the urge to get the numbers and combinations right. The games are dependent upon physical effort combined with mental stimulation, which makes slot gaming — a splendid brain game for adults. Also available in a simulator, both on Android & iOS as well as web, slot gacor games are the new black of the gaming industry.

Peak — In the world of TikTok and Reels, it pays off to be at ‘Peak’. Well, you’ll understand the notion better once you get hold of the brain training app. The use of latest cognitive science, that helps you get the most out of your mind — makes Peak, an epitome of cognitive brain stimulation and training for the greater good. 

Designed to be fun and engaging and made for all ages, Peak grows upon you and gets better with time. So, are you prepared to use your brain at it’s ‘Peak’ ?

Elevate — Well, who doesn’t likes an adrenaline rush and a confidence boost that helps us grow? ‘Elevate’ as the name suggests revolves around scaling our brain functioning to a whole new level, unlocking the astounding abilities of a cognitive mind. With more than 40 brain games, already compiled in the app — Elevate helps you improve upon your problem solving skills, alongside concentration skills and memory. 

The personalized training program in the app breaks your goal into daily missions, that you overcome, to unlock complex exercises that helps your brain function in a certain way.


As we emphasize, our brain is the most important and dominant part of our body. It is the king that commands the other parts to function in a certain way. Having control over your brain by training it the right way, unlocks greater mental strength and growth mindset for you, and thus — this becomes as important as the physical exercises. It is time, we train our brain for some workouts, because that is what matters.