For many of us, the idea of working in a job we love is the ultimate dream. Whether that be working with animals, in the outdoors, or working in the film industry, being able to make a living from your passion seems like the perfect career.

The sports industry is absolutely enormous, made up of countless different sectors, businesses, and services. For the sports fanatic, being able to forge a career in this industry would be a dream come true. However, in such an expansive and varied industry it can be hard to know what kind of jobs are available. We’ve put together a list of the three best job ideas for sports fans. Check it out below.

Personal Trainer

Personal fitness and training aren’t just for the elite athlete or professional sports team anymore. More and more people are becoming aware of how important keeping fit is and are turning to gyms and personal trainers to help them get into shape.

If the idea of spending your days in a gym or training center helping other people get fit through your knowledge, expertise and instruction sounds like your dream job, then personal training could be the career for you. You’ll get the chance to support and guide people as they look to achieve their fitness goals, and you’ll get to work in the gym day in, day out.

The very best way to kick start your personal trainer career is by taking a course. Check out some of the personal trainer courses from Study Active, they will offer you the required training and qualifications that you need to start your very own personal trainer business.


All professional sports need a referee, judge, or an umpire to oversee proceedings and ensure everything is above board and fair among contestants. Referees are often highly regarded and seen as beacons of knowledge and experience in their particular sport.

Becoming a referee will allow you to dive deep on the history and intricacies of the game you love, be it football, tennis, or even snooker. You could be called upon to supervise some of the biggest events in sport, with game-changing decisions left in your hands.

The rise of video assistant referees (VAR) in football has worked to create even more jobs in the industry, so now is the perfect time to explore refereeing as a career option.

Sports Photographer

For sports fans with an artistic flair among us, you’d be hard pushed to find a more perfect career choice than a sports photographer. Photographers are used in almost all global sports, they are relied upon to document the drama, the thrills, and the excitement. Become a sports photographer and you could snap the next iconic sports image, such as Muhammad Ali’s victory pose over Sonny Liston or Maradonna’s controversial Hand of God goal.

Sports photographers exist in the thick of the action. They get to experience and indeed immortalise some of the greatest moments in the sporting world. If you have a love of sports, a keen eye for photography, patience, and quick reflexes, a sports photographer could be the perfect job for you.


Don’t feel that securing a job in a field you are passionate about is reserved for a lucky few of exceptional individuals. With hard work and dedication, you can get the job of dreams and make a living from something you care deeply about. There are numerous job options available for sports fans, be it a personal trainer, referee, or sports photographer, each of which requires a different skillset and level of expertise.