The death of a loved one can be a challenging time for the family members. There will be an outpouring of emotions which must be respected as such emotions mustn’t be bottled up inside. The funeral service can prove climactic as this will be the time when people give their final respects to the deceased.

It pays to have a pre-planned funeral service because it will unburden the surviving family members about preparing one. However, if there are no funeral arrangements, it would be best to work with the professionals that handle multiple concerns and make the memorial services as memorable as possible like those at

Here are some tips to keep a loved one’s funeral service memorable.


Consider a theme or colour

If the deceased loved a specific theme, be it in movies, storylines, or shows, one could incorporate their love for such things into the service. Instead of dressing formally, the family could request the well-wishers to wear costumes or clothing related to the departed’s favourite shows. It would make for a spectacle, but it will be a profoundly memorable service.


Create a message board

Give the attendees a piece of paper and ask them to write a message to the departed. Have them pin the message to a board, and during the service, have someone pick a few notes and read them to the audience. It will move people to tears and highlight the memories others shared with the dearly departed, and memories and encounters the family may not know about. Finally, have all messages placed inside the casket as a fitting send-off to the deceased.


Incorporate their favourite music 

Another way to personalise and make the service more memorable is to incorporate the deceased’s favourite music. Play the songs as a soft background during the wake. Then, during the service, have a family member talk about the playlist and what it meant to the deceased. Such a personal tidbit will surprise many attendees and make the service memorable.


Showcase their passions and hobbies

As part of the memorial service, why not display trinkets that were precious to the deceased? Showcase their passions and hobbies so others can feel a deeper connection with them. If they were an avid reader, place a few of their favourite books near their picture. If they were a collector, display some of their cherished pieces. When people see something of the person, it makes them feel somewhat connected.


Plant a memorial garden

Before saying goodbye to the deceased, one of the best ways to memorialise their life is to plant trees in one of their favourite spots. Have a few saplings and holes on the ground ready for people to plant their share of the memorial garden. As the saplings grow, people will remember the person it’s dedicated to.



Making a funeral service memorable can be a pretty challenging task. However, family members can make it as personalised as possible with a few activities.