While people use solar panels to power their homes, pigeons have discovered another use: a place to rest. The urban pigeon has entered a golden age thanks to the recent meteoric rise in the popularity of solar electricity.

Regrettably, pigeons are just as likely to destroy a house as they are to create one. The destruction and chaos they cause are typically enormous.

The presence of solar panels in your home makes it a pigeon magnet. That’s all there is to it. Here, we’ll go into the specifics of the damage pigeons may do to your house and the steps you can take for pigeon proofing solar panels UK.


What exactly is it that Pigeons Do To Cause Damage to Solar Panels?

Pigeons probably can’t do too much harm, right? Wrong. Let’s examine the many ways birds may wreck solar panels.


  1. Mess

When pigeons determine your solar panels provide an excellent place to nest, they’ll start constructing their homes there. Your roof will soon be covered with thick sticks, twigs, leaves, and other nesting materials. These items are blown into your gutters when it starts to rain or when the wind picks up, potentially creating significant obstructions and costly repairs. Nesting materials, young pigeons, and even eggs may all fall to the ground below, making a considerable mess in your yard that will need a lot of work to clean up.

  1. Noise

Most pigeon sightings occur around the first light and just before sunset, meaning their cooing and cries will undoubtedly carry through the ceiling and wake you up at an ungodly hour.


  1. Other Pests

Unfortunately, some pigeons in the wild are hosts to parasites. One such example is bird mites. There is a risk of pest infestation if the pigeons breeding beneath your solar panels are harbouring bird mites or other parasites that may be transferred to your house.


  1. Guano

Commonly known as “bird poo,” guano may leave an unattractive stain on your roof, gutters, windows, and even the ground below. The extraordinarily slippery nature of bird poop makes it a potential health and safety threat for anyone walking down. Pigeon poop may be a problem for solar panels since it can stop them from receiving sunlight.

In addition, bird poop is a well-documented vector for the transmission of various infectious illnesses. Over sixty distinct kinds of bacteria are known to cause potentially fatal human diseases, and some of those germs may be found in bird poop.


How to Pigeon Proof Solar Panels?


  1. Birdblockers

The likelihood of birds making a nest beneath the PV panels is immensely reduced after Birdblockers have been installed. They are undetectable mechanisms attached to the edges of most PV panels. And when paired with brand-new PV panels, they provide the greatest return on investment.

  1. Anti-Roosting Spikes

As the name implies, bird spikes prevent birds from perching in inappropriate places. They feature a thin, bendable base with sharp stainless steel spikes that protrude upward. No birds will be harmed by using a bird spike. The spikes are blunt, protecting birds and the people who put them up from harm. Instead, the spikes are placed so that only little birds may land on them.


Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it is critical to locate a pest control expert with the competence and knowledge for effectively bird proofing solar panels.