Cryptocurrencies have taken the world by storm. Their mass use led to crypto being incorporated into a variety of spheres we might not have initially expected. One of those spheres is poker, where crypto has made extensive changes and new opportunities.

Although it is common knowledge that poker is a widely played game throughout the world, not everyone knows that there are well over 100 million poker players these days. This makes it the most popular card game in existence, and one where possibilities are endless.

While poker has traditionally, for decades on end, been played in casinos, dim backrooms, and loud lounges, the digital revolution has provided us with a new playground where we can now easily play online poker with cryptocurrency, all thanks to crypto and the internet.

There is a mass amount of crypto poker rooms and crypto casinos. These have become widely accepted, carrying their take on the world of poker. Before you go in and give it a try yourself, let’s go over the list of key things you need to know before signing up so that you can make the most of this. 


Why you should give crypto poker a try

Crypto poker is poker that is played utilizing blockchain technology in which cryptocurrencies are the main currencies in the game. In a sense, it is like any other game of poker you have played. However, this one offers more variety, accessibility, and game decentralization. 

Imagine how many times you wanted to play a game of poker, but the closest casino was just too far, too inconvenient to get to, or you just didn’t feel like going because you wanted to keep a low profile or the weather was just too bad that day. 

Well, crypto poker allows you to bypass most common challenges, such as privacy and safety and lets you play the game from the comfort of your own home.

As long as you do some basic research, play on reliable and trusted websites, and invest in a stable cryptocurrency, the world of crypto poker will be a fantastic opportunity to delve into. 


Benefits of playing crypto poker

So, what is it that makes this poker so appealing even to those players who like the feeling of stepping into the casino? Simply put – the benefits it allows are mountainous and growing.

One of the leading benefits is privacy. This take on poker is decentralized, financially autonomous, and private. Depending on the site you choose, you can get full anonymity. This means your gaming habits are no longer tied to your card, cash, or wallet. 

Additionally, it works fast. Expect low or no sign-up fees, and insanely fast processing of deposits. This can be done from anywhere in the world, meaning you can play anywhere.

Given its online nature and blockchain association, you can compete head to head with heavyweight industry players as well as the occasional poker enthusiast. The opportunity for profit often runs large, and if you do win – you win anonymously.


The safety of playing online poker with cryptocurrency

Playing online poker with crypto is regarded as safe overall, as long as you keep an eye on the stability of a certain cryptocurrency, reviews of poker websites, and the possible price swings of the currency you hold.

Although the risk is there, and you have to understand a whole new technology, the risk is associated with most financial investments in everyday life. And this investment can pay off big time and privately. 

What you do want to be aware of is that there is a good chance that crypto is here to replace fiat money in the long run, which makes the idea of understanding it, using it, and investing in it even more appealing.


Best cryptocurrencies to play poker with

While more and more new cryptocurrencies are amassing large support throughout the world, several have already established themselves as pioneers in the field. These currencies are the ones you will most often be able to play on any crypto poker site.

There are four leading cryptocurrencies accepted by poker sites, and those are BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Etherium), DOGE (Dogecoin), and BNB (Binance Coin). Of course, this might develop with time, as other currencies are catching on. 

Given the fact that crypto is a fast-developing branch, we always recommend staying on top of the latest news so you can seize the best chances this finance giant has to offer you.