Software development is a highly lucrative and in-demand career path that is only set to increase in value over the next decade. However, as with any career, it is advisable to specialise in a certain area as a developer in order to be more useful to your clients and stand out among fewer competitors. One potential avenue you could take, for example, is to become a React developer.

The reason why becoming a React developer is a compelling option is because it is a popular JavaScript library that has been used in recent years to create UIs (user interfaces) for brands like Uber Eats, Netflix, and Instagram, among others. Given the incredible success of each of these UIs, it is no wonder that developers are flocking to React.

By now, you’re probably wondering whether it is possible for you to become a React developer and, if so, how you might go about doing it. This is what you need to know about React developers and how you can become one:


A brief definition

To start with, it is best to offer a short definition of what React is exactly and what makes it so popular. React is an open-source JavaScript library that is popular among developers due to its ease of use for creating user interfaces. Libraries such as React serve as virtual toolkits for developers, in the same way that screwdrivers and hammers are the preserve of builders. The flexibility of React allows developers of all skill sets and tech stacks to get started with it – especially useful if you are just starting out.

It is little wonder then that widely used and celebrated user interfaces like the Netflix platform, Uber Eats, and Instagram were all created using React. This is also why being a react developer is so lucrative, because countless brands need this specific skill set to create intuitive user interfaces.


How to start out as a React developer

Now you know more about React and why it is a popular library, it is time to find out how you can embark on your career as a React developer.

A React developer is mostly charged with designing and subsequently building applications for web and mobile based on JavaScript programming language. Usually, a React developer will focus on front-end development, writing code, testing software, and perfecting application functionality.

If you want to put your foot on the ladder and start out as a React developer, then you need to make a decision. You need to work out whether you want to stick to Reacts, primarily front-end-based software, or learn how to use JavaScript’s full-stack capability. For reference, most budding developers choose to stick with React’s front-end focus.

Next, you need to build the necessary skill set. This involves learning JavaScript programming language, as well as HTML and CSS.


What are the benefits of being a React developer?

React developers are in demand, with an increasing number of jobs available. This is only set to increase as more brands improve their digital user experience and increase their online footprint.

What’s more, the average React developer earns around $100,000 per year making it a lucrative career path to take. This competitive salary, combined with the security of having high demand in the job market and the ability to work anywhere you want, means React development is an enticing option.



React has become a major part of tech, storming various sectors such as entertainment, social media, the food industry, gaming, computing, and so many more. Given its importance in modern technology and versatility, its popularity and demand are only set to grow – which leaves the potential for more jobs for React developers.

As a rewarding career path, there’s never been a better time to chase a career as a React developer – especially if you’re interested in the above-mentioned industries that dominate pop culture. If you are interested, take your research further and look at the job descriptions and requirements for being hired as a React developer. That way, you can get a better picture of what kind of skills, experience, and qualifications you need to pursue your dream role in this new, exciting area of development.