If you own a business or have a trip or big job planned, you know how tasking it can be to haul products, goods, equipment, and people without the proper means of transportation. When the right size work truck isn’t available, a van may be your next best option.


A great choice for your business needs, a van allows you to deliver products, transport equipment, and more without the stress of making multiple trips. Like nearly every type of vehicle, there are numerous makes and models of vans to accommodate every need you could have, from business to personal.


So how do you know what type of van to choose? Available in different shapes, sizes, and models, vans serve an important purpose in the business world. Choosing the right type of van is essential, so knowing the difference between the types of vans available can help you choose the van that will work best for your needs.

Panel Vans

Comparable to a passenger van, a panel van is constructed from the back of a standard van with a metal sheet in place of the windows you would typically find on an SUV or minivan. While this type of van is smaller and less expensive than a passenger van, it still provides adaptability and the capacity you may be looking for.


These vans are used for storage, mobile offices, and delivery vans. A panel van can transport items weighing up to 1,134 kilograms, making it an excellent option for transporting goods for a business. They can also be renovated to include shelving units, cabinets, and more for getting work done while on the road.

Passenger Van

Although you can transport passengers and freight, a passenger van is best suited for transporting people.  With no sliding doors, shelving, or storage systems, a passenger van is equipped with seating to accommodate more people.


Some common uses for passenger vans include corporate businesses that need to transport people from one location to another or hotels that offer shuttle services for their guests.

Cargo Van

A cargo van can transport both people and products/equipment. With a passenger compartment in the front of the van, a cargo van is one of the most common types of vans used for businesses.


Cargo vans can be “renovated” for more storage options, including shelving units for efficient bulk deliveries. In addition, the open storage space of the van behind the passenger compartment makes a cargo van perfect for moving or a shuttle bus.

Box Van

Think Amazon, FedEx, or a food delivery service. Chances are, these delivery drivers are driving a box van.


If you need a massive vehicle for your business, this would be the one. A box van allows you to transport a high volume of items and heavier weight. Featuring a flat metal top and no windows, these are quite a bit more expensive than panel vans but are worth it when it comes to your business transportation needs.


Many box vans are equipped with extra shelving, storage, and cabinetry for keeping company resources or other items close by. An economical vehicle, a box van can only accommodate up to two people, making it an ideal choice for deliveries but not passenger transportation.

Step Van

Unlike a cargo van, a step van is equipped with closed cargo space behind the passenger compartment. One can access the cargo area from the cab of the van or the rear of the van.


Step vans are used for deliveries or light passenger transportation. Some possible uses include deliveries, ambulatory services, or a mobile office if your job requires it.

Electric Van

If you’re looking toward the future of vehicles on the road, electric vehicles are the way to go. A relatively new concept for business owners and transporting goods, electric vans are great for local deliveries and transportation, provided that you have access to charging stations in the process. These vans emit fewer toxic pollutants into the air, minimising your company’s carbon footprint and helping promote a cleaner, healthier environment for all.

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