The modern market offers a wide choice of specialized vehicles of domestic and foreign manufacturers. It is quite simple to buy a tractor unit for sale, if you know the features of the model. You should pay attention to the reliability of the engine, build quality, availability of spare parts, fuel consumption and some technical aspects. Today, the most popular among entrepreneurs are models of the following brands: Man, Daf, Kamaz, Volvo, Mercedes, Scania, Iveco. You can find a rating of brands on the Internet, compiled by experienced owners. 


Tractors are cargo vehicles that have a fifth-wheel coupling for trailers, semi-trailers. When choosing a brand for trucking, you need to understand what needs the vehicle should cover. The following indicators are considered:

  • wheel formula (4*2, 6*4, 8*2, 8*4) affects the capacity of the vehicle;
  • grip height;
  • fuel tank (70-1100 liters) of aluminum, plastic, steel;
  • cabin (European, American);
  • engine.

It is recommended that a beginner in this field familiarize himself with the capabilities of the tractor, to understand the modification. It is not difficult to do this. Official sites of dealers present detailed information, consultants will help to buy a tractor with a trailerin the UK and other countries, the cost of the necessary position will be much higher. 


Reasons to choose MAZ

According to the opinion of professional drivers, some of the best models are MAZ trucks. Tractor with a semi-trailer is characterized by practicality, high performance of operation. The product has a 420 engine of Euro-5 class, electronic speed limit of 90 km/h. The cab with spring/pneumatic shock absorption is equipped with two sleeping places. A pneumatic system is installed to improve driver’s comfort. Transmission ZF is reliable, has smooth shifting of speeds, tachograph is installed. Depending on the configuration, the truck can have electric mirrors, power windows, heater, climate and cruise control. 

Ways to earn money

If you have already purchased a tractor with a semi-trailer, reliable earnings are assured. Obviously, the business will be related to freight transportations over distances from the owner’s home city to other countries. The composition of the cargo, the distance of trips are determined by the technical characteristics of the vehicle. To attract customers, it is worth running ads in the media. It is recommended to draw up a contract with potential customers. A good option is the transportation of food, construction, household materials and other goods from warehouses to stores.

Recommendations for transportation 

Before a long trip, you should conduct a complete diagnosis of the vehicle with a semi-trailer. The process consists of measuring the pressure of tires, the level and condition of liquids, the strength of cargo fastening and so on. 

It is recommended to take the necessary tools, consumables in case of minor breakdowns on the road. It is obligatory to have accompanying documents.