Tottenham Hotspur finished 4th in the 2021/22 Premier League season. While some clubs might find it a strong achievement, Spurs wanted to improve on their foundation. This led them to bolster their frontline by signing Richarlison from Everton.

The Brazilian player has been a strong player in the Premier League for a few years now but in a new club, he has a bigger opportunity to shine. Spurs’ primary plan was to give their stars Harry Kane and Son Heung-min the support that they need. Richarlison has served his role well because he takes some of the pressure away from the two stars.

If you’re wondering about Richarlison’s impact on the Spurs squad, you can see that they are more of a well-oiled machine since the 2022 season started. They are following what manager Antonio Conte wants and that has paid off with their success early into the 2022/23 season. Just check out any upcoming Tottenham Hotspur F.C game and you will see how much they have improved.

Richarlison is affecting matches without scoring

In his first six games with Spurs, Richarlison did not score a goal but he still had a strong impact in the game. Some football fans might wonder how he can affect how they perform but they have to watch what he is doing on the pitch. He is playing with the fiery energy that he’s known for during his time with Everton and the Brazilian national team.

Most of the time, Richarlison has the ball and he dribbles to create space between him and his matchup. That has led his teammates to capitalise on the attention given to Richarlison which has led to goals. Harry Kane has benefited from this because in that same span, he already has five goals which is essentially a goal per game.

The Premier League’s all-time leading goalscorer Alan Shearer heaped solid praise on the Brazilian. Shearer said, ‘Everything he (Richarlison) did was spot on today. He ran in behind, made it really difficult for defenders. He was superb all game’.

Spurs’ front three is clicking well

With a front three of Son, Kane, and Richarlison, Spurs has one of the most formidable trios in football. Son and Kane have been long lauded as the best duo in the Premier League and adding a dynamic player into that frontline alongside them makes them so much better than before.

Richarlison is the main playmaker for the trio but when needed, he can be the runner who can score goals. He did not show that in his first six games but he can definitely do so as he showcased when playing with Dominic Calvert-Lewin at Everton.

Conte loves how Richarlison is playing

Known as a manager that’s challenging to please, Conte had some solid praise for how well Richarlison has played ever since he moved to North London. After their win against Fulham, Conte said, ‘For me he played in an amazing way. Richy played well, with personality, with quality, also found difficult passes between the lines’.

That kind of versatility is what makes Richarlison such a good choice for Spurs. Conte loves him so far and with how well he has worked with the other frontline stars, he has a bright future for him at Tottenham.

Tottenham can challenge for the title

With Richarlison, Tottenham has the creative force that can help them win the title. It will be challenging since Spurs have many fierce rivals for the title. They will have to face all of the teams in any upcoming Tottenham Hotspur F.C. game. They have the chance to usurp them all and win the Premier League.