Living rooms are at the heart of every family home. It’s a place where loved ones and friends gather to create lasting memories. This is why it is important to make the right choice when it comes to flooring that is right for you and the family. 

Considerations When Choosing Living Room Flooring

When making your choice of living room flooring it is important to take note of foot traffic and just how often the room will be in use. Children and pets should also factor into your calculations – both are notoriously hard on flooring. Your budget is (of course) important, as is how much time you are willing to devote to keeping your flooring looking great. Your individual tastes and style will also play a large part in your final choice.  

Your living room flooring is an important factor in getting that main gathering spot as perfect as possible. Your interior decorating choices will also play their part in getting the room just right for the entire family. 

One of the most popular choices is modern laminate flooring. It provides a modern, fresh look and is easy to install and care for. Carpet also remains a traditionally popular choice with neutral colors creating a perfect canvas for other living room furniture and decor.  If you need a best flooring home for your home you can contact LJV Carpets & Flooring now for the best results.   

What are your options when it comes to living room floors?


Carpets have remained a favorite choice for generations of homeowners. They are comfortable walking surfaces and sitting on them is a pleasure. This makes them ideal for the family that enjoys the company of others (kids love them). A quality carpet is also a fabulous base for a play area or playpen for those families with toddlers, babies, or young children. 

The living room floor will be subject to a lot of wear and tear. It is after all one of the most popular rooms in the home. care should be taken to select a carpet that is hard-wearing and can cope with large amounts of foot traffic. An example of this type of carpet is ‘Cormar Sensations’. This carpet is not only stain resistant – but also able to cope with even the most demanding of foot traffic challenges.  

Your personal taste and style will dictate the color and pattern of the flooring that you choose for the living room. As mentioned previously neutral colors are today tremendously popular – they will not clash with furnishings and other decor. But homeowners should not that lighter, neutral colors stain more easily – and children and pets can provide challenges in terms of dirt and visible stains. 

Choosing Laminate Flooring

When it comes to a modern, clean and stylish choice of flooring for the living room it is hard to resist the attractions of the latest laminate flooring solutions that are available. It is stain resistant – and water spills are easy to clean up. Any spills simply don’t soak into the floor (such as is the case with carpeting. A simple wipe and the laminate flooring is as good as new.  

The homeowner’s choice when it comes to laminate flooring continues to grow with an enormous variety of colors and finishes. The number of different styles available means that it is easy to find a version that will fit your lifestyle and your individual tastes. 

Vinyl Flooring for the Living Room

Today vinyl flooring is an especially popular choice for bathrooms and kitchens. However, increasing choice also makes vinyl a viable choice for living room areas. 

Vinyl has a number of advantages when it comes to the living room. It is tremendously easy to maintain and keep clean – and it also represents excellent value for money. Luxury vinyl floor tiles are the perfect choice for a living room.

Solid Wood and Engineered Wood for the Living Room

Engineered or solid wood can lend the living room floor a classic, stylish and elegant appearance. It represents luxury and provides a warmth very few other materials can match. These woods are among the more popular choices for living room flooring.