Liverpool’s history has been full of questionable signings. Partly because of this, the club ceased to be considered a grandee of the EPL in the mid-2010s. By the way, soccer live scores from the world of this championship can be easily found on the sports statistics website. Every match is covered here.

So, if talking about the worst signings in the history of the “Reds”, it is impossible to get past the figure of Rickie Lambert. The Englishman joined the team in the summer of 2014. At that time, the club paid 4 million pounds for the 32-year-old forward. Understandably, Lambert was counted on as a rotation player. The following factors were speaking in his favor:

  1. Performances at Liverpool’s children’s academy. Rickie was a pupil of the club and he dreamed of playing for it all his life. Therefore, this player would certainly have no problem with motivation.
  2. Quite a good experience playing at “Southampton”. Lambert scored 106 goals, when playing in this club for 5 years in the championship. He was even called up to the England national team from «Southampton». By the way, live scores of all soccer matches with its participation can also be found on the verified platform.
  3. Great experience. It seemed that Lambert, who played for weak teams, would help the team fight in every episode and win.

However, the reality turned out to be quite different. Rickie scored a measly 2 goals in the EPL for the entire 2014/2015 season.

Naturally, the club hoped for more. Therefore, Liverpool sold the experienced forward to “West Bromwich” in the summer of 2015. However, even there the striker failed to impress. After a couple of years, he ended his professional career altogether. In fact, the failure at “Liverpool” was the catalyst for such a decision.

Why didn’t Lambert play good at “Liverpool”?

Lambert was quite a good forward, but for a team in the middle of the league table. He clearly wasn’t up to the level of an EPL grandee. And expectations were very high. That’s why the fans were so skeptical about his first failure. Moreover, if you still follow “Liverpool” today, but missed the livescore yesterday, then go to the sports statistics website. Here, the team’s matches are covered not only in the EPL, but also in other tournaments.

As for Lambert, he joined the club at a very bad time. Luis Suárez had just left the team and the Reds’ results took a serious turn for the worse. It is clear that Rickie was not expected to replace the Uruguayan, but they expected a lot more help. Although he played regularly, he was seldom useful.

The failure at “Liverpool” hurt the forward’s ego. Therefore, he no longer played at the top level. Moreover, the transfer itself was a failure for the “Reds”. By the way, you can follow the livescore of their matches or the results of the matches that have been played yesterday on the sports statistics website. Yes, the schedule of matches is tight, but now no meeting will pass you by.