Online casinos offer players a wide variety of games such as live games, slots, and card games. Poker is one of the most popular games in real and online casinos. However, online platforms provide users with many more payment options. Many casinos offer to bet in Bitcoin. Playing poker at a Bitcoin poker machine, you can win money and withdraw it to a real account in a matter of seconds.

How to Play Poker?

You don’t need to remember the long rules of the game like in regular poker to enjoy the Bitcoin poker machine games. There are several main goals in ordinary poker. The first is to play a hand on the hand and win it. The second goal is to beat opponents. In general, poker consists of several dealings of cards. After the deal, the game begins.


At the beginning of the game, each participant has one’s own stack, that is, the total number of chips at a certain moment of the game. The player uses chips from the stack to make bets. During the game, you will encounter five stages of trading: preflop, flop, turn, check, and river. During one of the stages, the player can take four actions: accept the bet, raise the bet, or fold. The person who drops the cards does not participate in the draw. A player may not fold or raise a bet during a check if no one has raised a bet before. 


You can take advantage of this opportunity only during the flop, turn, or river. However, sooner or later, all players will still have to accept a bet or fold. After each round of bidding, players open another card. After all stages of the game have been completed, the showdown begins. During the showdown, the game participants who are left with cards must show them, after which the winner is determined. The winner is chosen by the best combination, which is formed from five cards.

How to Play Bitcoin Poker Machine?

However, in the online poker machine, all actions are simplified as much as possible. The goal of the player in video poker, as in the traditional version, is to collect the maximum winning combination from the five cards located on the reel. The total amount of your winning will depend on how high your bet is.


Like in all online BTC casino games you should make a bet in Bitcoin first. After that, the cards will be dealt and you can think about whether they are good or bad. You can decide whether to keep all five cards or to swap out those that you don’t think can form a winning combination after the dealing. Next, the poker machine replaces the cards you have decided to give away and gives you new ones. If a winning combination is obtained after the replacement, players are offered two options: to withdraw or to bet the winnings and, playing again, get the opportunity to double the winnings. If you decide to double your winnings, four face-down cards are dealt. 


If you reveal a card with a lower value than the dealer’s, you lose your bet and your winnings. In the case of a higher significant card, such as in the croupier, your first win is doubled. Also, you may be dealt a card that is equal in value to the dealer’s card, in which case a draw is declared in the game of Bitcoin video poker. And you can take the opportunity and take the winnings, or you can continue the game by doubling the winnings again. 


Playing the video version of poker is no less exciting than playing the regular game. In online video poker, all the classic winning combinations are also taken into account, but the betting level and payout conditions are slightly different from standard video poker. 


If you want to play with Bitcoin, you need to find a casino that supports cryptocurrency. Playing video poker with Bitcoin is as easy as with real money. All you need to do is link your Bitcoin wallet to a gaming account at the casino of your choice.


Playing a bitcoin poker machine is fun and not difficult. The rules of playing video poker are similar to regular poker but are simplified. Every player can easily connect their cryptocurrency wallet to the casino. This way, you can pay with your Bitcoins and enjoy your winnings.