Paisley is located nearby Glasgow. Therefore, many citizens head there when they feel like having a night out on the town. However, it is also where the Glasgow Airport is located, and so they can easily take a jump to the other side of the English Channel, when they need a little more sun, and spend some time in France. Here are a few of the places that Paisley citizens like to visit.

A few days in Sunny France

If citizens of Paisley head South, they often go beyond the seaside city of Brighton, in the UK. And why not? After all, it is easier (and often less expensive) to catch a plane from the close-by airport to Paris, Marseille or Bordeaux than to head to England’s southern shores. If you are one of the many Paisley summer vacationers this summer and would like to live in a different environment for a few days, you can find your camping in France with Canvas Holidays, where you will live a life of complete leisure, spending the day by one of the pool complexes, at their various locations, while also eating great dinners and catching one of the live shows, on location.

A Full Day in the Park

This said, to get a quick breath of fresh air, it is possible to do so simply by driving a few miles away to the beautiful Pollok National Park. There, you can walk around the 360 acres of land, where you will cross paths with a variety of animals. After walking around the trails, choose a spot where you can lay a tablecloth and have a picnic with all the family members accompanying you. From there, you can also catch a suburban train service to Glasgow city center. However, it is best known by golfers, since a good part of the park is made out of a golf course. Definitely a great destination for all.

The Riverside Museum

As you head from Paisley to Glasgow, you will be passing by the Riverside Museum. Stop by and discover its collection, which focuses on transport and technology. It is important to everyone in the region, as it explains the importance of this location in Scotland, regarding the role it played as shipbuilders and train manufacturers. Their work was part of the development of the UK but also to other regions of the world. It is free to visit and features over 3,000 objects. The architecture is a site to see, in itself (by Dame Zaha Hadid).

The Glasgow Museums Resource Centre

Here is something you must visit, if you haven’t had the chance yet. This is where all the collections are stored, when they are not shown in any of Scotland’s museums. It is a chance to catch a larger variety of historical objects, going from animals to armours, while also discovering some of the most beautiful paintings and sculptures, owned by the City of Glasgow. In a one-hour tour of the facility, everyone will keep their eyes fully open to catch all that there is to see. A magical place for all family members.