Engagement comes with a lot of excitement and the need to commit. We all show this through symbols especially by buying rings. Today, moissanite rings are widely used for engagement owing to their quality and price. Therefore, they make a perfect choice for partners that want to share their love. You can also consider them rather than buying expensive diamonds.

The quality of moissanite and price are two key factors that make it a favorite among jewelry lovers. Therefore, you would do well to choose by picking moissanite to use for your engagement ring. However, there are important things to know if you want to make the most out of your moissanite engagement ring. Read on to find out!


Deciding on the Perfect Moissanite Engagement Ring

 Now that you are considering buying a moissanite engagement ring, there are important things to put into consideration. This information will help make the most out of this opportunity and get the quality ring that you are looking for in your engagement. Here is what you should keep in mind:


1   Replacing the Moissanite in your Ring

 If you want a diamond but you cannot afford it, you do not need to postpone your engagement. Moissanite can do for the moment and replace it later with a diamond down the line.

It is easy to remove one stone from your ring and replace it with another. All that is important is to make sure that it is the same shape and size. Therefore, you can do this replacement in future by making sure that your moissanite stone shape is possible with a diamond.


2   Sides Stones to Use for your Ring

 Solitaire settings are perfect for your moissanite engagement ring. However, if you want a shouldered stone or a halo setting, there is a possibility to pair a diamond with moissanite. For that reason, you can consider it.

With improved production of moissanite, you can choose clarity and color as is possible with diamonds. For that reason, you can easily pair matching moissanite and diamond stones for a seamless look on your ring.


3   Good quality at an Affordable Price

 If there is something you should know about moissanite, then it is the value you will get vis-a-vis the cost. Moissanite is about 10 per cent the price of the same size diamond. Therefore, this is enough reason to make you choose moissanite over diamond.

Even with the superiority of moissanite in terms of price, a diamond remains a valuable gemstone for engagement rings. The only good thing with moissanite is that you will get almost similar qualities at an affordable cost. However, that does not make it a diamond.


4   Moissanite is Ethical to Buy

 Gemstones such as diamonds cause conflict during their sourcing. In addition, they harm the environment. For that reason, we do not consider them ethical. Unlike diamond, moissanite is lab-grown. Therefore, it is conflict free and friendly to the environment. For that reason, you can choose it over diamonds on these grounds.

By buying moissanite, you are sure of getting genuine stones that are not attached to any lawsuit. For diamonds, you have to be sure of who is selling you the gem lest it lands you in problems.


5   Diamond-like Hardness in Moissanite

 On the Mohs scale of hardness, diamond has a value of 10, which is comparable to that of moissanite pegged at 9.25. For that reason, you are sure to get enough strength and durability for your ring.

Do not shy away from buying a moissanite engagement ring thinking that it will scratch easily. The hardness value is enough to prove that it lasts forever and will give you the service you are looking for in your ring.

There is every reason to choose moissanite engagement rings over other kinds of stones. Therefore, get to learn more about it to understand what you will be buying. Just like a diamond, moissanite is good for making engagement rings. However, it is better considering its price and sustainability.

While diamonds are great, moissanite is now a great alternative because it is lab-grown. Look through every information about moissanite before buying it to understand the quality you are getting.