Perhaps one of the reasons you’ve never explored the possibility of taking the family on a holiday in the Holy Land is because you think it’s dangerous there. Actually, Jerusalem is quite safe and there are many pilgrimages made safely each and every year. Perhaps the confusion lies in misunderstanding that much of the tension is in Gaza but not in Jerusalem. This is a Holy Land revered by most world religions and tourists find it safe.

1. The City Where Christ Lived and Died Is Real

Sometimes it’s quite difficult to teach Bible lessons about a land far away and a time long, long ago. One of the things you’ve done is to order icons and images of Christ, the Blessed Virgin, saints and martyrs from religious stores like Holyart, which in turn pique an interest in children who have enquiring minds quite naturally. In other words, a visit to the Holy Land brings home the reality of Christ’s crucifixion for our salvation.

2. A Look at the Lowest Place on Earth – The Dead Sea

Perhaps you have studied a bit about the Dead Sea Scrolls and some of the insights they offered. Aside from the religious perspective, it’s a lesson in geography as well. You can show the children the lowest place on earth which they have probably studied in school. It’s an amazing experience and something the kids won’t soon forget.

3. The Birthplace of All 3 Abrahamic Religions

This is something you don’t often hear. Actually, all three of the Abrahamic religions were born in the Holy Land that remains a focal point for each to this day. Judaism, Islam and Christianity were founded here and all three can trace a history going back millennia. Visiting the birthplace all three can claim, leads you to ponder why there is so much friction amongst them.

4. Visit the Western Wall

You may have heard this referred to as the “Wailing Wall” which is a literal translation for the Hebrew word for weeping. The tradition started as faithful Jews gathered to bemoan the destruction of the temple. It is currently a place where the faithful from the Jewish and Christian faiths place a prayer note between the stones of the wall. Although you can request someone to place a prayer there for you, this is one bit of history that you will want the kids to experience first-hand.

5. Take a Guided Holy Land Tour

Finally, there is so much more to this sacred place that you may have never heard. You can take a guided tour of Jerusalem which is an education in itself. It is something you will not want the kids to miss. Don’t forget to have your mobile phones charged and ready to take pictures wherever it’s allowed. There may be some places where photography is forbidden, especially if flashes are necessary. Some artifacts are light-sensitive and so there are rules against shooting stills or videos in those places.

One thing is certain. There is so much to explore in Jerusalem that it will leave you wanting to come back for a holiday many times in the future. It’s full of wonder and the more you see, the more you want to see.